The Way of Takhisis

Way of the Dragon Queen

Remixing a Monastic Order for Dragonlance

The Way of the Dragon Queen, available at DMs Guild, provides a monastic tradition that allows the monk to tap into the power of dragons through the manipulation of ki. These monks revere the Dragon Queen and can be adapted for use on Krynn with little adjustment. Their tendency toward evil alignment and worship of dragons make for easy connection to the followers of Takhisis.

Possible History

There are a number of options one might take to fold these monks into the fabric of the world of Krynn. One might place the origins of this tradition in pre-Cataclysm days, creeping up in secret among the followers of evil during the Rebellions in the East. In this scenario, rebellious fighting warriors from the Eastern provinces of Ergoth turn to folk tales and strange whispers of the dark power of the Dragon Queen. Through meditating on these precepts, a small, but dedicated order of monks arises approximately 1300 PC. These monks fight for the rebellious provinces but are nearly wiped out prior to the Year of Waiting. The few survivors lie low and teach their ways secretly as the influence of Solamnus grows among the rebels.

Another option would be to place the origins of this monastic order in the early days of the Age of Darkness, approximately 140 AC, when Takhisis walked among the creatures of Krynn to wake and prepare the chromatic dragons for service. It is quite possible that an order of exceptionally evil and capable mortals may have caught the Dragon Queen’s eye. In this scenario, a few potent warrior-philosophers were granted the secrets of managing their ki by Tahkisis herself. This makes the Order of Takhisis another tool in the arsenal she was assembling in preparation for the Age of Dragons.

An alternate take on this approach places the formation of the Order a bit later, as the forces of the Dragon Queen began recruiting humanoids to bolster their armies in 340 AC. This origin casts the powers of ki manipulation and the secrets of the monastic order as a bit more of an immediate and flashy lure for power than it may have been in earlier times. By 340 AC, the armies of evil are clearly rising to power across Ansalon. The monastic life among the Dragonarmies may serve as a pleasant alternative to life beneath their boot heel.

System Considerations

If running a Dragonlance campaign using the 5e ruleset, there should be little to no system issues when using the Way of the Dragon Queen monk. The rules as presented in this subclass are fairly straightforward and balanced. As the access to magical ability granted through this class is pulled from within, concerns regarding alignment or the moons are minimal. In short, with a little work regarding the history of the Order of Takhisis, the Way of the Dragon Queen can make an easy and fun addition to your Dragonlance 5e campaign.

The Way of the Dragon Queen is available as a Pay What You Want download at Dungeon Masters Guild. If you find this interesting or useful, please consider leaving a tip for this humble artisan.

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