Bozak Draconians

bozak draconian

Possessed of magical talent and strong wills, bozaks are natural leaders—often willing to give their lives for a cause they deem worthy, but intelligent enough to fight to survive and win. Many bozaks have strong religious tendencies, even though they are inherently talented in arcane magic. Personality: While they are… Read More

Goblinoids as Characters


Character Development Goblins Barbarian: Goblin tribal society is marked by a tradition of chaotic “might makes right”—those who rise to the top are the most fearsome and intimidating warriors. The barbarian class is ideal to represent this archetype, with its emphasis on individual and undisciplined fighting. Mechanically, its rage ability… Read More



Kender are small humanoids that resemble human children with pointed ears. They are to be found throughout Ansalon and the other realms of Krynn, and few people live their lives without finding out first-hand exactly what it is about this irrepressible race that annoys everyone so much. The free-spirited kender… Read More