Travis Legge lives in Rockford, Illinois, which is much like living in Gary, Indiana except without the charm. Travis writes games for Dungeon Masters Guild, Storytellers Vault, Slarecian Vault and DriveThruRPG. When he’s not writing games, he’s running them on Twitch. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to check out his DMsGuild Author Page.

The Way of Takhisis

Way of the Dragon Queen

Remixing a Monastic Order for Dragonlance The Way of the Dragon Queen, available at DMs Guild, provides a monastic tradition that allows the monk to tap into the power of dragons through the manipulation of ki. These monks revere the Dragon Queen and can be adapted for use on Krynn… Read More


“Steal? What? I would never! I was just handling it! You must’ve dropped it back in that last chamber. It’s a good thing I picked it up!” — Blargh Barrington, Kender Rogue Kender are fearless, charming and amusing. Just ask them. Small but Boisterous Despite their small stature, Kender love… Read More