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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is archived from the old site. The links are out of date. We will be working on updating all info as soon as possible.

One of the most requested features is a chronological list of the books in the order in which they happen in the Dragonlance setting. A list was originally compiled by Harold Johnson and Sue Weinlein in Dragon Magazine #224. Unfortunately, that list has fallen out of date as new books have been published. The list below is based on that one, but our goal is to keep current with the release of new Dragonlance books and to keep this list up-to-date. A list that includes seasons and short stories in also available here. If you’re looking for a list of books by date published, you can find that here.

Corrections and “Missing” Books

As a general rule, we do not include books in this list unless we are certain about the date in the chronological history of Krynn. As a result, some books are not listed. If you see a book that’s missing or one that is listed with the incorrect date, let us know. Please be sure to include the date you think is correct!


  The Dragons at War

8500 PC
  The Dragons

6320 PC
  The Irda

4017 PC
  Children of the Plains

3995 PC
  Brother of the Dragon
  Sister of the Sword

3811 PC
  The Kagonesti

2750 PC
  The Forest King

2692 PC
  Covenant of the Forge

2596 PC
  Hammer and Axe

2421 PC
  A Warrior’s Journey

2401 PC
  The Wizard’s Fate

2395 PC
  A Hero’s Justice

2308 PC

2230 PC
  The Swordsheath Scroll

2192 PC
  The Kinslayer Wars

2072 PC
  The Qualinesti

1817 PC
  Vinas Solamnus

1793 PC
  The Dargonesti

1435 PC
  The Dragons of Krynn

1020 PC
  The Legend of Huma

1013 PC
  Kaz the Minotaur

1010 PC
  Land of the Minotaurs

553 PC
  The Messenger

545 PC
  The Golden Orb

181 PC
  Knights of the Crown

171 PC
  Knights of the Sword

161 PC
  Knights of the Rose

159 PC
  The Wayward Knights

40 PC
  Chosen of the Gods

20 PC
  Divine Hammer

5 PC
  The Dark Queen

1 PC
  Fistandantilus Reborn
  Sacred Fire
  The Reign of Istar
  Lord Soth


1 AC
  The Survivors
  The Cataclysm

100 AC
  War of the Twins

228 AC
  Weasel’s Luck

231 AC
  Galen Beknighted

248 AC
  The Inheritance

249 AC
  Kindred Spirits

292 AC
  Hederick the Theocrat

294 AC
  Dragons of Chaos

313 AC
  Before the Mask

324 AC
  Theros Ironfeld

325 AC
  The Black Wing
  Dark Heart

331 AC
  The Soulforge
  Raistlin Chronicles Omnibus

332 AC
  Emperor of Ansalon

334 AC

338 AC
  Tales of Uncle Trapspringer

339 AC
  Night of the Eye
  The Oath and the Measure
  The Gates of Thorbardin

343 AC
  Steel and Stone

344 AC
  Maquesta Kar-Thon

345 AC
  The Medusa Plague
  The Companions

346 AC
  Darkness and Light
  Brothers in Arms
  Love And War
  Flint the King
  Tanis, The Shadow Years

348 AC
  Brothers Majere
  The Seventh Sentinel

349 AC
  Dalamar the Dark

350 AC
  Riverwind the Plainsman

351 AC
  Dragons of Autumn Twilight
  Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
  Dragons of the Highlord Skies

352 AC
  Dragons of Winter Night
  Dragons of Spring Dawning
  Dragons of the Hourglass Mage
  The Gully Dwarves
  Lord Toede

353 AC
  Temple of the Dragonslayer
  The Dying Kingdom
  The Dragon Well
  The Citadel

354 AC
  Return of the Sorceress
  Dragon Sword
  Dragon Day
  Dragon Knight

355 AC
  Crown of Thieves
  Wizard’s Curse
  Wizard’s Betrayal
  The Crystal Chalice
  Wizard’s Return
  City of Fortune
  Dragon Spell

356 AC
  The Wayward Wizard
  Pillar of Flame
  Warrior’s Heart
  Time of the Twins
  The Ebony Eye
  Warrior’s Blood
  Queen of the Sea
  Tempest’s Vow
  The Stolen Sun
  Warrior’s Bones

357 AC
  The Sellsword
  Test of the Twins

363 AC
  The War of the Lance

371 AC
  Murder in Tarsis

378 AC
  The Second Generation

381 AC
  The Magic of Krynn
  Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes

382 AC
  The Puppet King

383 AC
  Dragons of Summer Flame
  The Siege of Mt. Nevermind
  Tears of the Night Sky
  The Doom Brigade
  The Last Thane
  Reavers of the Blood Sea

2nd Cataclysm

384 AC (1 SC)
  The Dawning of a New Age
  Draconian Measures

385 AC (2 SC)
  Spirit of the Wind

387 AC (4 SC)
  Legacy of Steel

391 AC (8 SC)
  The Silver Stair

392 AC (9 SC)
  The Rose and the Skull

393 AC (10 SC)
  Relics and Omens
  Bertrem’s Guide to the Age of Mortals
  Dezra’s Quest

394 AC (11 SC)
  The Odyssey of Gilthanas

414 AC (31 SC)
  The Day of the Tempest

416 AC (33 SC)
  The Eve of the Maelstrom

417 AC (34 SC)
  The Thieves’ Guild

418 AC (35 SC)
  Night of Blood

419 AC (36 SC)
  The Clandestine Circle
  The Lioness
  Dragon’s Bluff
  The Dragon Isles

420 AC (37 SC)

421 AC (38 SC)
  Dragons of a Fallen Sun
  The Players of Gilean
  The Search for Magic
  City of the Lost
  Tides of Blood
  Bertrem’s Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 1
  Dragons of a Lost Star
  Flight of the Fallen
  The Search for Power
  Dragons of a Vanished Moon
  Dark Thane
  Bertrem’s Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 2
  Return of the Exile
  Empire of Blood
  Prisoner of Haven

422 AC (39 SC)
  Amber and Ashes
  Saving Solace
  Amber and Iron
  The Alien Sea
  Amber and Blood
  Wizards’ Conclave
  The Middle of Nowhere
  The Lake of Death

423 AC (40 SC)
  The Black Talon

424 AC (41 SC)
  Blades of the Tiger
  The Fire Rose
  The Gargoyle King
  Trail of the Black Wyrm

425 AC (42 SC)
  Lord of the Rose
  Shadow of the Flame

426 AC (43 SC)

427 AC (44 SC)
  The Crown and the Sword
  The Great White Wyrm

429 AC (46 SC)
  The Measure and the Truth
  Protecting Palanthas

433 AC (50 SC)
  The Secret of Pax Tharkas
  The Rebellion
  Death March
  The Heir of Kayolin
  Goblin Nation

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