Product List by Date Printed

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Here you will find a list of Dragonlance product and novels, sorted by the date they were originally printed. If you’re looking for a chronological list of books (in Dragonlance timeline-terms), you should try this page or get the full list here.

Please Note:
We are still working on this list. Some books are currently not included on this list, and a number of books have been reprinted, so they may show up in the list more than once. If you do have corrections, though, please let us know.

You might also be intersted in a list of novels only, by publication date. David Noce has compiled a list of novels that you may also be interested in.

March 1984
DL1: Dragons of Despair
July 1984
DL2: Dragons of Flame
September 1984
DL3: Dragons of Hope
November 1984
DL4: Dragons of Desolation
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
December 1984
Dragonlance 1985 Calendar
Dragonlance 1988 Calendar
DL5: Dragons of Mystery
February 1985
Prisoners of Pax Tharkas
May 1985
DL6: Dragons of Ice
July 1985
DL7: Dragons of Light
DL8: Dragons of War
Dragons of Winter Night
September 1985
DL9: Dragons of Deceit
Soulforge, The
October 1985
Dragons of Spring Dawning
December 1985
DL10: Dragons of Dreams
February 1986
DL11: Dragons of Glory
Time of the Twins
April 1986
DL12: Dragons of Faith
June 1986
War of the Twins
August 1986
Test of the Twins
DL13: Dragons of Truth
September 1986
Lords of Doom
Legends Collector’s Edition
December 1986
Dragonlance 1987 Calendar
DL14: Dragons of Triumph
January 1987
Graphic Novel 1
April 1987
Magic of Krynn, The
May 1987
Art of the Dragonlance Saga
July 1987
Dragonwand of Krynn
August 1987
Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes
October 1987
Dragonlance Adventures
November 1987
Gnomes – 100, Dragons – 0
Love and War
Atlas of the Dragonlance World, The
January 1988
Heroes of the Lance
Red Dragon of Krynn
Chronicles Collector’s Edition
Legends Collector’s Edition
February 1988
Shadow Over Nordmaar
March 1988
Chronicles Collector’s Edition
April 1988
Legend of Huma, The
June 1988
Graphic Novel 2
July 1988
DL15: Mists of Krynn
August 1988
November 1988
Dragonlance Board Game, The
Graphic Novel 3
December 1988
Issue #2 – ‘Rites of Passage’
DL16: World of Krynn
Issue #3 – ‘Nightwatch’
Issue #1 – ‘Fire and Light’
January 1989
Weasel’s Luck
Takhisis, Queen of Darkness
Dragons of Flame
Dragonlance Heroes
War of the Lance (Video Game)
World of Krynn Trail Map, The
Huma’s Silver Dragon
Issue #4 – ‘My Honor is My Life’
February 1989
DLE1: In Search of Dragons
Issue #5 – Raistlin’s Pawn 1 of 4 – ‘Night Flight’
March 1989
Issue #6 – Raistlin’s Pawn 2 of 4 – ‘Wayfarers’
April 1989
Issue #7 – Raistlin’s Pawn 3 of 4 – ‘City of Death’
May 1989
Darkness and Light
June 1989
Issue #8 – Raistlin’s Pawn 4 of 4 – ‘The Evil Within’
July 1989
Issue #9 – Arena of Istar 1 of 4 – ‘Blood Tide’
August 1989
Issue #10 – Arena of Istar 2 of 4 – ‘Arena’
September 1989
Issue #11 – Arena of Istar 3 of 4 – ‘Cataclysm!’
DLE2: Dragon Magic
October 1989
Issue #12 – Arena of Istar 4 of 4 – ‘Blood Brothers’
November 1989
DLE3: Dragon Keep
Issue #13 – High Sorcery 1 of 4 – ‘Lost & Found’
December 1989
Issue #14 – High Sorcery 2 of 4 – ‘Through the Eyes of Time’
Time of the Dragon
January 1990
Champions of Krynn
Brothers Majere
Issue #15 – High Sorcery 3 of 4 – “The Test”
February 1990
Issue #16 – High Sorcery 4 of 4 – ‘Flesh and Stone’
March 1990
Monstrous Compendium: Dragonlance Appendix II
DLA1: Dragon Dawn
Riverwind, The Plainsman
Dungeon Magazine #22 – “Unchained”
Issue #17 – Winter’s Knight Part 1 of 4 – “Dragonkill”
April 1990
Graphic Novel 4
Issue #18 – Winter’s Knight Part 2 of 4 – “Mission of Mercy”
May 1990
DLS2: Tree Lords
Issue #19 – Winter’s Knight Part 3 of 4 – “Season of the Witch”
June 1990
Issue #20 – Winter’s Knight Part 4 of 4 – “A Winter’s Knight”
July 1990
Issue #21 – Special Issue
Flint, the King
Kaz the Minotaur
August 1990
Issue #22 – Taladas Part 1 of 4 – “Landfall”
Mage Stones Game
September 1990
DLA3: Dragon’s Rest
October 1990
Issue #23 – Taladas Part 2 of 4 – “Winging It”
Gates of Thorbardin, The
November 1990
Tanis, The Shadow Years
Issue #24 – Taladas Part 3 of 4 – “Ring of Evil”
December 1990
DLC1: Classics Volume I
DLA2: Dragon Knight
Dragonlance 1991 Calendar
Issue #25 – Taladas Part 4 of 4 – “Death in the Burning Sea”
Galen Beknighted
January 1991
Death Knights of Krynn
Shadow Sorcerer
Issue #26 – The Gathering Part 1 of 2 – “The Gathering”
Tales Collector’s Edition
February 1991
Issue #27 – The Gathering Part 2 of 2 – “Eron’s Keep”
Graphic Novel 5
March 1991
DLS1: New Beginnings
Issue #28 – Special Issue
April 1991
Issue #29 – “A Sort of Homecoming”
Kindred Spirits
May 1991
Issue #30 – Sword of the Kinslayer Part 1 of 3
Dragonlance 1992 Calendar
June 1991
Issue #31 – Sword of the Kinslayer Part 2 of 3
July 1991
Issue #32 – Sword of the Kinslayer Part 3 of 3
August 1991
DLS3: Oak Lords
Issue #33 – On Death of Pain Part 1 of 2
Kinslayer Wars, The
September 1991
Issue #34 – On Death of Pain Part 2 of 2
November 1991
DLS4: Wild Elves
Qualinesti, The
1991 Trading Cards Premier Set
December 1991
Knight of the Black Rose
January 1992
Taladas: The Minotaurs
Lord Soth’s Charge
Dark Heart
Dark Queen of Krynn
April 1992
Reign of Istar, The
May 1992
Oath and the Measure, The
July 1992
Cataclysm, The
Tales of the Lance
August 1992
DLQ1: Knight’s Sword
September 1992
Steel and Stone
October 1992
DLQ2: Flint’s Axe
November 1992
War of the Lance, The
December 1992
Dragonlance 1993 Calendar
1992 Trading Cards Premier Set
January 1993
1993 Trading Cards Premier Set
Unsung Heroes
The Companions
February 1993
Covenant of the Forge
March 1993
DLC2: Classics Volume II
Dungeon Magazine #40 – “The Draven Deeps’ Menace”
April 1993
Before the Mask
July 1993
Hammer and Axe
August 1993
Player’s Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign
DLT1: New Tales: The Land Reborn
September 1993
Black Wing, The
October 1993
Dungeon Magazine #43 – “Mayhem at Midnight”
November 1993
Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn
Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
Dragonlance 1994 Calendar
December 1993
Emperor of Ansalon
January 1994
Swordsheath Scroll, The
Hederick the Theocrat
Spellfire 100 Card Set – Part 2 of 3
Spellfire 100 Card Set – Part 3 of 3
Chase 25 Card Set
Spellfire 100 Card Set – Part 1 of 3
Book of Lairs
February 1994
Second Generation, The
March 1994
Dragons of Krynn
April 1994
Night of the Eye
July 1994
Lord Toede
August 1994
Worlds of TSR, The
September 1994
DLC3: Classics Volume III
Dragonlance 1995 Calendar
October 1994
Medusa Plague, The
December 1994
The Dark Queen
January 1995
Kagonesti, The
February 1995
Test of the Twins
Time of the Twins
War of the Twins
Second Generation, The
March 1995
Knights of the Crown
June 1995
Irda, The
History of Dragonlance, The
July 1995
Maquesta Kar-Thon
August 1995
Seventh Sentinel, The
October 1995
Dargonesti, The
Knights of the Sword
November 1995
Dragons of Summer Flame
December 1995
Dragonlance 1996 Calendar
January 1996
Land of the Minotaurs
May 1996
Dragons at War
June 1996
Gully Dwarves, The
Murder in Tarsis
July 1996
Knights of the Rose
September 1996
Fifth Age Dramatic Adventure Game
Dawning of a New Age, The
October 1996
Dragons, The
November 1996
Dragons of Summer Flame
Heroes of Steel
Doom Brigade, The
December 1996
Dragonlance 1997 Calendar
May 1997
A Crimson Cosmos
August 1997
Saga Fate Deck
October 1997
Last Tower – The Legacy of Raistlin, The
Wayward Knights, The
November 1997
Vinas Solamnus
Fistandantilus Reborn
Heroes of Defiance
Day of the Tempest, The
Dungeon Magazine #65 – “The Ice Tyrant”
December 1997
Heroes of Sorcery
January 1998
Heroes of Hope
Soulforge, The
Lord Soth
Dragons of Chaos
Legends of the Lance Newsletter #1
February 1998
Eve of the Maelstrom, The
March 1998
Legends of the Lance Newsletter #2
Doom Brigade, The
Tales of Uncle Trapspringer
Wings of Fury
April 1998
Relics and Omens
May 1998
Dragonlance 1999 Calendar
A Saga Companion
June 1998
Last Thane, The
July 1998
Citadel of Light
Spirit of the Wind
Legends of the Lance Newsletter #3
September 1998
Bestiary, The
October 1998
Seeds of Chaos
Legends of the Lance Newsletter #4
Tears of the Night Sky
November 1998
Legacy of Steel
December 1998
January 1999
Silver Stair, The
Soulforge, The
Legends of the Lance Newsletter #5
Dungeon Magazine #72 – “Under a Pale Moon”
February 1999
Puppet King, The
Sylvan Veil, The
March 1999
Spectre of the Black Rose
Rose and the Skull, The
May 1999
Reavers of the Blood Sea
Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition
June 1999
Dezra’s Quest
August 1999
The Odyssey of Gilthanas
Brothers in Arms
September 1999
Siege of Mt. Nevermind, The
October 1999
Murder in Tarsis
Heroes and Fools
December 1999
Chaos Spawn
Theros Ironfeld
Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, The
January 2000
Dalamar the Dark
February 2000
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dragons of Winter Night
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Best of Tales, Volume One, The
Rise of the Titans
March 2000
Dragons of a Fallen Sun
April 2000
Rebels and Tyrants
May 2000
June 2000
More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
July 2000
Clandestine Circle, The
August 2000
Citadel, The
Player’s Handbook
September 2000
Dungeon Master’s Guide
Children of the Plains
October 2000
Bertrem’s Guide to the Age of Mortals
November 2000
Monster Manual
Draconian Measures
December 2000
Thieves’ Guild, The
January 2001
Dragons of a Fallen Sun
February 2001
Test of the Twins
Time of the Twins
War of the Twins
Messenger, The
March 2001
May 2001
Inheritance, The
Dragons of a Lost Star
Dungeon Magazine #86 – “Anvil of Time”
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
June 2001
July 2001
Dragon’s Bluff
Tome and Blood
August 2001
Brother of the Dragon
September 2001
Chronicles Trilogy Gift Set
Bertrem’s Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 1
October 2001
Search for Magic, The
Enemies and Allies
November 2001
Chosen of the Gods
December 2001
Song and Silence
January 2002
Best of Tales, Volume Two, The
February 2002
Second Generation, The
Dragons of Summer Flame
Masters of the Wild
Golden Orb, The
March 2002
Dragons of a Lost Star
April 2002
Deities and Demigods
May 2002
Sister of the Sword
June 2002
Dawning of a New Age, The
Book of Challenges
Dragons of a Vanished Moon
July 2002
Epic Level Handbook
August 2002
Lioness, The
Day of the Tempest, The
September 2002
Masters of Dragonlance Art
Legends Gift Set
October 2002
Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles, The
Book of Vile Darkness
Divine Hammer
November 2002
Bertrem’s Guide to the War of Souls, Volume 2
Eve of the Maelstrom, The
December 2002
Dragon Isles, The
January 2003
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
February 2003
Savage Species
Darkness and Light
March 2003
Races of Faerûn
Dragons of a Vanished Moon
April 2003
Arms and Equipment Guide
Fiend Folio
May 2003
Players of Gilean, The
A Warrior’s Journey
Unapproachable East
June 2003
Night of Blood
Brothers Majere
A Rumor of Dragons
Night of the Dragons
July 2003
Dragons of Winter Night
Middle of Nowhere, The
Player’s Handbook: Core Rulebook I
Monster Manual: Core Rulebook III
Dungeon Master’s Guide: Core Rulebook II
August 2003
City of the Lost
Dragonlance Campaign Setting
September 2003
D&D; Miniatures Entry Pack
Miniatures Handbook
Harbinger Expansion Pack
Annotated Dragonlance Legends, The
War of Souls Gift Set
Age of Mortals
October 2003
Nightmare Lands, The
To the Gates of Palanthas
Riverwind the Plainsman
Book of Exalted Deeds
November 2003
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Flint the King
Dark Thane
Dragoneye Expansion Pack
Complete Warrior
December 2003
Tanis The Shadow Years
Sacred Fire
January 2004
Deluxe Dungeon Master’s Screens
Legend of Huma #1 (Cover B), The
Hope’s Flame
Legend of Huma #1 (Cover A), The
Legend of Huma, The
February 2004
Wizard’s Fate, The
Legend of Huma #2, The
Unearthed Arcana
Night of Blood
March 2004
A Dawn of Dragons
Archfiends Expansion Pack
Legend of Huma #3, The
Time of the Twins
April 2004
Legend of Huma #4, The
D&D; Map Folio I
Bestiary of Krynn
Tides of Blood
May 2004
Complete Divine
Legend of Huma #5, The
Weasel’s Luck
Temple of the Dragonslayer
Search for Power, The
Key of Destiny
June 2004
War of the Twins
Prisoner of Haven
Giants of Legend Huge Pack
Wizards’ Conclave
July 2004
Dying Kingdom, The
Planar Handbook
Kaz the Minotaur
August 2004
D&D; Map Folio II
Races of Stone
Gates of Thorbardin, The
Towers of High Sorcery
Chronicles for Young Readers Gift Set
September 2004
Flight of the Fallen
Dragon Well, The
Dragonlance Dungeon Master’s Screen
Dungeons & Dragons Dice
Monster Manual III
Amber and Ashes
October 2004
War of the Lance
D&D; Miniatures Starter Set
Aberrations Booster Pack
Lake of Death, The
November 2004
Return of the Sorceress
Dragons in the Archives: The Best of Weis & Hickman
Kinslayer Wars, The
Complete Arcane
Test of the Twins
December 2004
Map Folio 3-D
Races of Destiny
Qualinesti, The
Galen Beknighted
A Hero’s Justice
January 2005
Dragon Sword
February 2005
Return of the Exile
Magic of Krynn, The
Races of the Wild
March 2005
Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The Age of Mortals
Lord of the Rose
Dragon Day
Deathknell Expansion Pack
April 2005
Tides of Blood
Blades of the Tiger
Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes
Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies
Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations
May 2005
Races of Eberron
Dragon Knight
Empire of Blood
June 2005
Love And War
July 2005
Dragon Spell
Amber and Ashes
Angelfire Booster Pack
Weapons of Legacy
Spectre of Sorrows
August 2005
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #1
Elven Nations Trilogy Gift Set, The
September 2005
Reign of Istar, The
Wizard’s Curse
Magic of Incarnum
Holy Orders of the Stars
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #2
October 2005
Heroes of Horror
Cataclysm, The
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #3
November 2005
Underdark Booster Pack
Crown of Thieves
Legend of Huma #6 (Cover A), The
Legend of Huma #6 (Cover B), The
December 2005
Spell Compendium
War of the Lance, The
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #4
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #5
January 2006
Saving Solace
Wizard’s Betrayal
Races of the Dragon
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #6
February 2006
Legends of the Twins
Amber and Iron
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #7
March 2006
Tome of Magic: Pact, Shadow, and Truename Magic
Empire of Blood
Crystal Chalice, The
Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The War of the Lance
War Drums Booster Pack
Dragons of Autumn Twilight #8
April 2006
Complete Psionic
Trail of the Black Wyrm
May 2006
Wizard’s Return
Player’s Handbook II
Dragons of Autumn Twilight TPB
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Hardcover Edition
Warrior’s Heart
June 2006
Knightly Orders of Ansalon
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss
Crown and the Sword, The
Dragons: Worlds Afire
July 2006
City of Fortune
Monster Manual IV
Dragons of Winter Night #1
War of the Dragon Queen Huge Pack
Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
August 2006
Alien Sea, The
D&D; Icons: Gargantuan Black Dragon
September 2006
Dragons of Autumn
D&D; Icons: Colossal Red Dragon
Dragons of Winter Night #2
Wayward Wizard, The
A Practical Guide to Dragons
October 2006
Dragonlance Chronicles Special Collector’s Edition
November 2006
Price of Courage
Amber and Iron
Blood War Booster Pack
Bestiary of Krynn Revised
Dragons of Winter Night #3
January 2007
Pillar of Flame
Measure and the Truth, The
Dragons of Winter Night #4
D&D; Icons: Gargantuan Blue Dragon
February 2007
Unhallowed Booster Pack
March 2007
Ebony Eye, The
Great White Wyrm, The
Dragons of Spring Dawning #1
April 2007
Dragons of Time
May 2007
Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: Legends
Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
Warrior’s Blood
June 2007
Shadow of the Flame
July 2007
Races of Ansalon
Queen of the Sea
Dragons of the Highlord Skies
Dragons of Winter Night TPB
Dragons of Spring Dawning #2
Night Below Booster Pack
August 2007
Rebellion, The
Dragons of Spring Dawning #3
September 2007
Dragons of Krynn (Sourcebook)
Stolen Sun, The
October 2007
Dragons of Winter Night Hardcover Edition
Dragons of Spring Dawning #4
November 2007
Protecting Palanthas
Warrior’s Bones
Dragons of Spring Dawning #5
Secret of Pax Tharkas, The
Black Talon, The
December 2007
Lost Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home
Dragons of Winter
January 2008
Dragons of Spring Dawning #6
Dragons of the Highlord Skies
Red Dragon Codex
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight DVD
Dragons of Spring
February 2008
Dragons of Spring Dawning #7
Dragons of Spring Dawning #8
March 2008
Desert of Desolation Booster Pack
Legend of Huma TPB
Dragons of Spring Dawning Part I TPB
April 2008
Sellsword, The
Dragons of Spring Dawning Hardcover Edition
Dragons of Spring Dawning #9
Dungeons of Dread Booster Pack
Tempest’s Vow
Dragons of Spring Dawning Part II TPB
May 2008
Amber and Blood
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Soundtrack
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #1, The
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons TPB 1, The
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #2, The
June 2008
Player’s Handbook, Core Rulebook I
Dungeon Master’s Guide, Core Rulebook II
Monster Manual, Core Rulebook III
Dungeons & Dragons 4e Gift Set
Bronze Dragon Codex
Comic Cover Art of Dungeons & Dragons Vol. 1, The
July 2008
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #3, The
Time of the Twins #1
August 2008
Death March
Dungeon Master’s Screen
A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding
Black Dragon Codex
Time of the Twins #2
September 2008
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #4, The
October 2008
Heir of Kayolin, The
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #5, The
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #6, The
November 2008
Amber and Blood
Survivors, The
Time of the Twins #3
Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons
Time of the Twins TPB
December 2008
Fire Rose, The
Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons #7, The
January 2009
Elven Nations Omnibus
February 2009
Brass Dragon Codex
March 2009
Renegade Wizards
April 2009
Dragonlance Anthology Collection Volume 1
June 2009
Forest King, The
Green Dragon Codex
August 2009
Dragons of the Hourglass Mage
September 2009
Silver Dragon Codex
October 2009
Goblin Nation
December 2009
Gargoyle King, The
January 2010
Fate of Thorbardin, The
Gold Dragon Codex
September 2010
Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: An Essential D&D; Starter

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