Bards of Krynn


This is a letter written by Layka of Ergoth to Emma Xela, an inquisitive and brilliant sorcerer of the Solace Academy. This letter by Layka was a factor in the developments of Emma’s spell theories, which transformed the discipline of sorcery. Though it did not lead to her celebrated successes… Read More

Traveler’s Guide to Gunthar

Traveler’s Report on Gunthar (Knights of Solamnia) Author’s Note: This report is only about the area controlled by the Knights of Solamnia and should not be confused with the Mt. Nevermind article. All references to Sancrist in this document refer to the Knight controlled areas of Gunthar and have nothing… Read More

Traveler’s Guide to Gateway

History: The town of Gateway was built in the turbulent years following the Cataclysm. It was a gathering spot for refuges as it was situated on a crossroad. As refuges flocked into the area, they began to settle in the secure location. With traffic flowing from all over the area,… Read More