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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is archived from the old site. The links are out of date. We will be working on updating all info as soon as possible.

This is the list of products published for the Dragonlance setting, including both novels and game-related material, as well as a whole lot more.

The products have been divided up into groups to reflect the various time periods in Krynn’s history, and have been further divided into ‘core’ or ‘supplemental’ to reflect the relative importance of each series to the body of Dragonlance novels as a whole. Since many of the series often contain books that do not fit with a particular time period, there will be some discrepancies, but the list reflects the best judgment of the Nexus’s staff when trying to group all of the novels in a logical and consistent way.

If you want further explanation of this list, or recommendations on the appropriate reading order for novels, please see the Nexus’ recommended reading order.

In addition to the complete list below, the Nexus also publishes a chronological list of books, relative to Krynn’s timeline, and a list of books sorted by date printed.

Classic Core Novels

Novels central to the ‘classic’ Dragonlance story, set during and immediately after the War of the Lance.
Timeline: 351 AC to 383 AC.


Age of Mortals Core Novels

The Age of Mortals truly began following the War of Souls. These novels are central to the continuing storyline.
Timeline: 421 AC to Present.

War of Souls

Dark Disciple, The


Fifth Age Core Novels

The Fifth Age core novels launch an age of the world without magic, and introduce a new cast of heroes.
Timeline: 384 AC to 418 AC.

Dragons of a New Age

Dhamon Saga


Historical Core Novels

These core novels explore important historical time periods, such as the Cataclysm or the Dragon Wars.
Timeline: 1,020 PC to ~350 AC.


Kingpriest Trilogy


Core Gaming Materials

Running a D&D game in the Dragonlance setting? These books are the ones that should be at the very top of your list.

D&D 4e Core Books

d20 Dragonlance Sourcebooks

D&D Essentials

Tasslehoff’s Map Pouches

Age of Mortals Campaign

War of the Lance Chronicles

D&D 3.5 Core Books

D&D Class Supplements

D&D Expansions

D&D Map Folios

D&D Miniatures

D&D Race Supplements

D&D Supplements

Supplemental Gaming Mat’ls

These books aren’t the current 3.5 edition rules, but use the old AD&D or Saga rules and include art books and sourcebooks.

AD&D Adventure Gamebooks

Spellfire & Trading Cards

Art Books

Battle Lines

Chaos War Adventures

DL – Dragonlance Modules

DLA – Dragonlance Adventures

DLC – Dragonlance Classics

DLE – Dragonlance Expansions

DLQ – Dragonlance Quests

DLR – Dragonlance Resources

DLS – Dragonlance Supplements

DLT – Dragonlance Tales

Fifth Age

Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home

Legends of the Lance Newsletter

Source Books

Board Games and Other Games

Forgotten Realms

Ral-Partha Miniatures


Comic Books

This section is for Dragonlance in comic book format, from the adaptation of The Legend of Huma to the classic DC comics.

DC Comics

Legend of Huma Adaptation

Time of the Twins Adaptation

Graphic Novels

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Adaptation

Dragons of Spring Dawning Adaptation

Dragons of Winter Night Adaptation

Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons Anthology, The


The Dragonlance Nexus does not publish any of the products listed in the Products section. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented is accurate, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any listing. The Nexus is a member of the Associates program of and its international sites. Graphics are representational only.

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