Enter the Lost Lands of Krynn!

Taladas in the Fourth Age

The continent of Taladas.

Taladas is an entire continent within the Dragonlance® Saga that lies in the uncharted northern oceans of Krynn. For the most part unknown to the historians and conquerors of Ansalon, the secrets of Taladas are many.

This website provides the Dragonlance® fan with an opportunity to learn all about these mysterious lands. The introduction provides an overview to Taladas in the Fourth and previous Ages, and the Fifth Age of Krynn has been covered in great detail. In addition, there are guidelines for playing in Taladas using the Saga Dramatic Adventure Game, Dungeons & Dragons®, and the AD&D: Player’s Option roleplaying rules.


Taladas is a highly unusual land that lies in a distant part of Krynn, world of the Dragonlance® Saga. Most Dragonlance® fans will be familiar with Ansalon—with its lands, heroes, and struggles. The lands of Taladas provide entirely new adventures and cultures to explore.

The Cataclysm in Taladas drastically changed Taladas overnight. A single, massive blow struck the centre of Taladas, in a region of open plains that was home to the Empire of Aurim and other incipient kingdoms. The impact was tremendous. The land itself tore apart, creating a vast region of seething molten rock and reshaping the seas. Mountain ranges were roused into volcanic fury, earthquakes and eruptions shook the land, and new regions were created or transformed.

The Taladas that was born out of the Cataclysm is one that has lost many of the secrets of the past, yet is forming powerful new kingdoms. The Imperial League of Minotaurs, the firefleet of the gnomes, the nomadic tribes of Northern Hosk, and the dark kingdom of Thenol all stand poised for greatness—or disaster.

The continent of Taladas was first introduced in the Time of the Dragon boxed set in 1989, by David “Zeb” Cook. Time of the Dragon, which has long been out-of-print and unavailable, is now summarised and updated.

This unofficial Dragonlance® site describes the lands of Taladas, its history, and the dragons of this land. Ariakan’s Lorebook: Taladas describes the closing days of the Fourth Age in Taladas, as seen in the novel Dragons of Summer Flame (by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman). Taladas can be explored further in other unofficial supplements, all available from this website.

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