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“How shall I leave my people without a stirring of sorrow within my breast? The foreknowledge brought through the gift of the prophet has been a saving grace to the survival of our people, yet I cannot withdraw from those that remain without a burden and an ache. How I wish that the voices, of those just outside the walls, could carry the unlucky souls that give those voices wings.” —Salindar Fe Larsandar Circa 3450 PD

– Salindar Fe Larsandar Circa 3450 PD

The World of Krynn has largely treated the continent of Ansalon as its center stage. When one thinks of Krynn they usually imagine Solamnic Knights, Wizards of High Sorcery, curious kender, bumbling gnomes and xenophobic elves. Yet, the planet of Krynn holds more than one large land mass. Along with Ansalon there are such locations as the wild continent Taladas with its powerful Minotaur League, industrious and competent thinker gnomes, withdrawn and sullen Marak Kender and a plethora of other racial and organizational differences. There is the subterranean land of Chorane, the Isle of Selasia and the Dragon Isles each with a unique set of races and monsters. Yet so little is known about these lands. Other than Taladas, none of the lands of Ansalon could match the size or majesty of the continent of Ansalon, until now.

Adlatum, the mysterious third continent of Krynn has been unexplored for centuries. Its existence only heard of in rumors, it’s tales untold waiting for a chance to unfold to a willing audience. From the cold and callous reaches of the noble ogres to the untamed southern jungles Adlatum sets itself apart from both Ansalon and Taladas. It is a land of exploration and intrigue where the gods have taken a personal interest in the people, where the touch of the fabled gray gemstone endowed the dragons of Adlatum with abilities beyond those of their brethren across the sea, and the races of Krynn have experienced cultural and physical changes that differentiate them from the other lands of the world.

A central theme of the continent of Ansalon is that of destiny and who holds the reigns. The legend of the Prophet who supplied the folk of Adlatum with miraculous Volumes from which they could study the past present and even divine the future of their own race, is known to the learned people of Adlatum. Was it the Volumes of the Prophet that brought about the Drowning that slew hundreds of thousands of people or was it the actions of the warring races that called down the wrath of the gods? Was it the divined prophecies that drove the elves to the sea or was it the choice of the elven king that sent them into the waters of Adlatum? Now that the Volumes have been lost those questions may never be answered.

For as many differences Adlatum displays from other lands in its history and its people it is still closely tied to the world of Krynn. At their core, minotaurs are forever honorable, kender are curious and fearless, ogres are cruel and devious, dwarves are industrious, and gnomes are eternally tinkering. The wrath of the Cataclysm was felt around the world. The destruction of Chaos was not limited to the shores of Ansalon. The Age of Mortals and the War of Souls was experienced on every land of Krynn. Yet each culture of Krynn experienced these events and dealt with them in their own way, viewed through their own actions and based on their own experiences.

Hopefully the writings gathered together here piece by piece will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the prominent, people, places and storylines of Krynn’s third continent. Happy Wanderings.

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