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The Palanthian Times was a Dragonlance: Fifth Age Newsletter than circulated throughout the Dragonlance: Fifth Age Mailing List. Every member of the mailing list received an issue of The Palanthian Times once every two weeks via e-mail. All members of the Mailing List are encouraged to submit their articles, ask their questions, and to volunteer to help make and mold The Palanthian Times.

Every issue of the Times contained three major articles: a New and Upcoming Section, an Editor’s Commentary, and an section with several Adventure Nuggets.

The Palanthian Times is not affiliated with The Palanthas Herald.


  1. could you send me a weekly copy of newsletter,thanks 🙂

  2. Lee, the Palanthian Times was an old newsletter from another website that we are archiving here.

    Feel free to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest Dragonlance news.

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