Twas the Night Before Yule

Twas the night before Yule,
and all through the land
not a Knight swinging sword
not a Mage waved his hand

When up on the tree,
I hear such a sound
I went to the window
to see hands flailing ’round

To what a ridiculous
sight my mind renders,
but a Red-Robed Fizban
and eight green-leggin’ed kender

He’d landed all wrong
on his face he was flat
and all he to know was,
did anyone see his hat?

Hey Windrell, Hey Fendrill,
Hey Bristlin, Hey Bronin,
Umm Dremlet, Umm Kherlit
Umm Desdrin, Umm Frokin

He shook of the snow
that covered them all,
and then by mistake,
He’d cast a Fireball!

The kender all scattered,
Fizban hid under a rock
Hoping the light from the blast
won’t wake up the whole block

Then he spread out some gifts
and then he’d have to check,
that the kender did come back
with more stuff than they left.

He was done in this part
and was ready to flee,
but had to figure out how to
get his sleigh out of the tree

“Darn it, and Drat it,
I should’ve used a dragon…
Instead I wound up with kender
Yanking ’round that old wagon.”

“How will we get there?”
wondered them all,
“Wait! I’ve got a spell!
Umm let me see, YES, PfveatherFval!”

He waved his hands,
hoping that they will float hither,
Next thing they knew,
they were all covered in feathers.

So they all started walking,
to the town up the bay,
and hoped that they might be able
to charter a new sleigh.

But before Fizban left,
he sung out notes (that were flat…)
singing, “Merry Yuletime to all….
and to….. hey, where’s my hat?”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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