Dark and Stormy Knight Conversion Notes

Dark And Stormy KnightDark and Stormy Knight is an introductory 3rd edition adventure from Wizards of the Coast that brings characters together in the Hightower, an ancient tor that holds the remains of an ancient bugbear warrior. These conversion notes are intended only to allow Dungeon Masters to play this adventure in the Dragonlance setting.

Era of Play

Dark and Stormy Knight is best used in the War of Souls era, but can be used in nearly any era in history.

Adventure Background

This adventure can take place either in Northern or Southern Ergoth, off of the eastern coast of Ansalon near the Blood Sea, off the coast of the Turbidus Ocean in Solamnia, or any other coastal area where storms are prevalent. The storm could, in fact, be the Great Storm that plagued Ansalon during the War of Souls. Note that the fallen kingdom may refer to Istar.

Adventure Hooks

The following adventure hooks are more specific to the Dragonlance setting and are in addition to those in the adventure itself on page 2.

  • A Knight of Solamnia or Steel Legionnaire is ordered to investigate whether there has been any new activity in the Hightower.
  • A kender character finds a map that someone must have not needed anymore that shows an ancient tower that’s bound to be filled with all sorts of exciting things.
  • A minotaur may find his ship crashed upon the rocks of the shore, with him as the only survivor. He then seeks shelter within the Hightower.

Storm-Peace Sidebar

The Storm-Peace sidebar on page 2 introduces a custom that may be used in Dragonlance by mariners or local nomadic humans. Minotaurs are not as likely to honor this tradition, nor would characters who follow Zeboim. Followers of Habbakuk could also follow this tradition.

8. Dark Knight (EL2)

It should be noted that the Dark Knight from page 7 is not a member of the Knights of Neraka.

Magic Items

Translator’s Ring

See table 6-5: Living Languages on page 195 of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting for other appropriate languages for the ring to have access to.

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