Goodfellow of Branchala

Goodfellow Of BranchalaBards of the College of Satire are jesters known and respected throughout the free lands as Goodfellows of Branchala, bringing laughter and mirth to the common folk and aristocrats alike.

Goodfellows are loyal to only one cause: the pursuit and propagation of the truth. They use their acrobatics and comedic timing to expose corruption, incompetence, and stupidity among the rich and powerful. Goodfellows serve as the conscience of a realm and are enemies of despair.

Conversion Notes

The Goodfellow of Branchala can be represented with existing tools in 5th edition. As such, a new subclass is not needed. Thematically, the Goodfellow follows the path of the bard the best. The College of Satire, introduced in the Unearthed Arcana: Kits of Old article on the Dungeons & Dragons site, represented the Goodfellow well.

It also added an extra element to the Goodfellow: the discovery of truth. Thematically, this makes for a stronger subclass. With some minor flavor text, one can easily make a 5th edition Goodfellow of Branchala.

Alignment: Neutral Good or Chaotic Good
Class: Bard
Bard College: College of Satire
Background: Entertainer (Jester routine)
Skills: Acrobatics, Performance, and Persuasion
Spellcasting: A Goodfellow of Branchala’s spells are considered divine.


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  1. Do you have anything about Reorx?

    Or Scions for 5th?

  2. At the moment, no. I may work on a conversion of the Mighty Anvil of Reorx at some point.

    We do take submissions, so feel free to write one up if you like.

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