City Guards Missing After Investigation of Mysterious Ship

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 426 AC

Palanthas- The City Guard was put on highest alert last night when a report came in that a ship was approaching the harbor. That in itself is not unusual, but according to the Captain of the guard, this particular ship was very unnerving. “In my 15 years in the City Guard I haven’t seen anything like it. An unmanned ship approaching the harbor, a thick green mist surrounding it. The sails were full even though no wind blew last night. I tell you it was spooky!” said the captain.

Other sources tell of voices from the grave calling the names of the guards searching the ship. One member of the City Guard, who chooses to be anonymous, described it as a bone-chilling experience. “I’m absolutely sure that my sister was speaking to me. Except she’s been dead for years! I ain’t setting another foot on that ship!”

Early this morning the captain of the City Guard reported that during personnel count three guards were missing. These guards were among the patrol sent to investigate the mysterious ship and a search for the three missing guards has been initiated. It is suspected that the three have deserted. Desertion is a crime for which they will face incarceration for life, should they be found.

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