Epidemic Warning in Lower Cluster

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 426 AC

Palanthas – Priests of Mishakal warn that an epidemic might be underway in Lower Cluster after three victims of the dreaded Kalaman disease were discovered in an alley. The authorities take the warning seriously and advice anyone not to venture into the district. A quarantine of the Lower Cluster district is being arranged by the City Guard and priests of Mishakal.

Brother Mycheal had this comment. “The threat of an epidemic has not been confirmed yet, but we take it very seriously. The three dead bodies show all symptoms of the disease. Their veins are black, their eyes have a milky resemblance, and a black substance runs from ears and nose. Based on bite marks found on the bodies, we suspect that rats have infected the victims with the disease. Furthermore we suspect that the disease has been carried from Kalaman, since no incidents of the disease have been reported in Solamnia since it ran amok in said city”

Brother Mycheal went on to encourage anyone who suspects that he or she has been infected by the disease to contact the nearest priest of Mishakal. Symptoms include dizziness, severe stomach aches and pain in one’s throat.

Sources claim to have seen the three victims in the company of a man dressed in beggar’s rags, armed with a blade of sorts. They also mention a large concentration of rats in the area during the period in which the victims were seen with the beggar. The City Guard is very interested in talking with this man, and witnesses are encouraged to contact the nearest City Guard patrol.

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