Blacksmith Murders Family

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 426 AC

Palanthas – The residents of Smith’s Alley were stunned today as local blacksmith Eidon Groond was apprehended by City Guards on the charge of murder. Witnesses to the arrest described the blacksmith as covered in blood, his face twisted in a demonic grin.

When asked about the specifics of the charges brought against the blacksmith, the sergeant in charge of the apprehension refused to be specific. “Eidon Groond has been arrested on the charge of murder”, the sergeant told the Herald’s reporter.

It was the blacksmith’s neighbor, an elderly lady who requested for us not to make her name public, who went to the City Guard. “It was awful! Marcianne screamed for him to stop! And the kids screamed as well! I don’t know exactly what happened last night but I could hear an awful voice chanting in some weird language. It wasn’t Eidon’s voice, I swear it!”

The neighbor was extremely shaken by the experience. She told the Herald’s reporter how she’s snuck up to the window and seen the blacksmith sitting in the middle of the room, covered in blood and saying something she could not hear. “Marcianne and the children lay around him in a bizarre fashion. It was awful!”

A source from within the City Guard has revealed that the City Guard has recovered what looks to be a journal of some sorts, and that they hope that said journal will cast some light on what happened last night. She would not go into detail about the journal’s contents, but the source did mention that Hiddukel was mentioned more than once.

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