Races of the Shattered Lands

Red Fox Kitsune Concept Art

A brief introduction to the many races that call The Shattered Lands home. Below you will see the many races of Royodo, some will seem familier others will be unique. Many will show a twist on an otherwise familier race. Humans Elves and Half-Elves The Argonesti:are the Ice Elves, who… Read More

Royodo and the Shattered Lands

Shattered Lands of Royodo

Hello and welcome to this Lost Land of Krynn: Royodo and the Shattered Lands. Here in Royodo you can experience a DragonLance setting game with an Asiatic feel. Royodo started out as the ODL project and over the span of seventeen months grew larger and larger. Originally a brief conversation… Read More

Dragons of Royodo

River Dragons (Nickel) Sometimes called Ancestor Dragons, the River Dragon is is seen as a protector and guardian of rivers and river basins. River Dragons, or Nickel Dragons to be more precise, are the smallest of all true dragons barely achieving the huge size category until the Ancient age category.… Read More

  • Memorable Quotes

    No. Only dreamers fight to the death. There are only a handful of such fools in the world. All others surrender and hope they will not be beaten too often by their new masters.

    — Vinas Solamnus, Vinas Solamnus