Dragons of Royodo

River Dragons (Nickel)

Sometimes called Ancestor Dragons, the River Dragon is is seen as a protector and guardian of rivers and river basins. River Dragons, or Nickel Dragons to be more precise, are the smallest of all true dragons barely achieving the huge size category until the Ancient age category. Nickels are a friendly species having much in common with their cousins the Brass Dragons. Nickels make their homes in sandy bottomed deep water rivers, usually near pools or fishing estuaries. Nickels enjoy the company of humans and other relatively peaceful races such as the Calinesti elves and willingly bargain with these races, with the Nickel serving as a village protector for generations, while the village provides the fruits and wines that the river dragons enjoy. River Dragons are just as acquisitive as all other dragons, but prefer opals and other precious stones to gold or objects d’art. Like all other Royodan Dragons the Nickel was cursed to flightless ness, but to watch a Nickel dragon swim is to imagine how they once flew through the air. Breath Weapons: Nickels have two distinct breath weapons. The first is a cloud of sleep poison which the Nickel uses as a first line of defense. The second is a cone of acid much like that of a Black Dragons. Appearance: Nickel dragons resemble elongated wingless dragons, with small crest ridges, and facial whiskers rather than the horns and bony protrusions of most other dragons. Upon hatching Nickels are a bright silvery grey, not so much as a Silver Dragon but more like those of a brook or river trout, with small pebble like scales. As the Nickel ages some scales take on a dull grey while others pick up salmon blue and greenish undertones. Dorsal ridges along the Nickels back allow the Nickel great maneuverability when submerged.

Mountain Dragons (Iron)

Mountain Dragons, Rust Drakes or Iron Dragons, are the largest of the Royodan Dragons, and the most reclusive. Iron Dragons make their homes in secluded mountain valleys, where they hunt the mountain sheep of the high hills and create maze like mountain burrows here they store their hordes or the raw materials that they treasure along with gemstones and jewels. Iron’s are wingless, but have an extendable flap of skin from fore to aft that also bridges to the tail, using this extra skin allows the Mountain Dragon to glide across chasms or from higher to lower peaks. Ironĺs are very lawful neutral, and will hold themselves to a bargain and require many oaths from those individuals who visit their mountain tops. Irons have had an extensive knowledge of history, and are some of the foremost sages of Royodo, dispensing wisdom and justice as they see fit. Iron Dragons actively seek out and destroy Red Dragons, which have migrated to Royodo, for Irons see Reds as a black mark against all Iron Dragon honor, as the Irons well know, it was an Iron who became the first Red, and betrayed their race to the Dark Queen. Breath Weapon: Iron Dragons have two distinct breath weapons, a blast of flame, much like that of a Red Dragons, and a line of Concussive Force Appearance: Iron dragons look like wingless Red dragons in body shape, but in coloration they range from a dusky grey black with red highlights to a reddish brown like clay color. Thick plate like scales and boney horns sprout from the head of the Iron Dragon with boney knobs along the back and tail. Newly hatched Irons’ s are a dull grey in color, with females almost always larger than males.

Storm Dragons (Zinc)

Storm Dragons or Cloud Drakes are what remain of the Zinc Dragons. These are the only Royodan Dragons that still roam the skies. However, the Zinc Dragons manages to do so with out the benefit of wings. These Sky lords are rarely seen by mortals, as they are almost always flying just beneath the cloud cover, and even then they are camouflaged from the casual observer. Zinc Dragons are rather chaotic creatures, who happily travel where the winds take them, occasionally swooping down upon an unsuspecting ox or deer, and swooping up into the air to eat its prey. Zinc Dragons have earned the name Storm Dragons, as many congregate over large storms, using their breath weapons to enhance the natural light show. Many peasants leave an Ox or Cow tethered to a rocky out crop when drought lingers, as some Storm Dragons will usually take the bribe for what it is and use their own powers to bring rain to the parched area. Storm Dragons are particularly nasty to any Blue Dragons they may encounter, enjoying “raining on their parade” or using their secondary breath weapon to annoy the slower flying Blues. Zinc’s have the ability to fly only because as they age they gain the ability to levitate themselves; between the levitation and their sail like crests the Storm Dragons have circumvented the Dragon Queens curse. Breath Weapons: Zincs have two distinct breath Weapons, a Discharge of electrical force much like a Blue Dragons, and a cone of Magnetizing force, that magnetizes anything within its path, causing metallic objects to become temporarily fused together or even to bind metallic and non metallic materials, this becomes a distinct advantage when forced to confront heavily armored opponents, who suddenly find themselves stuck to the nearest wall and unable to move. Appearance: Zinc dragons are like River Dragons and have elongated bodies with shorter necks than other dragons, but unlike the River Dragon the Storm dragon has a multitude of Horns and Crests that it uses to navigate the air in flight. At hatching Zinc Dragons are a pearl white color, and as they age and their ability to levitate manifests, their under scales take on a bluish color, that gradually leaves Zinc Dragons a two-tone shade of white on top, blue on the bottom.

Forest Dragons (Lead)

The Forest Dragons or Lead Dragons are the ultimate in forest hunters, not particularly friendly towards non dragons, the Lead, prefers the company of semi sentient animals or other sylvan denizens. Leads are notorious for their jokes, and multitude of traps, that they build through out their territories, however these traps and jokes are sent marked to prevent animals and other forest creatures from inadvertently becoming trapped. Forest Dragons like most of the other Royodan Dragons is wingless, but its long sinuous body is ideal for climbing through the thick canopy or along rocky forest outcroppings. Forest dragons are ferocious when forced to defend their territories, especially from Green Dragons, whom Leads hate more than anything or the occasional Brass that decides to take up residence (if of the same sex). Leads are known to groom their forest territories, protecting and nurturing the flora and fauna. Many Leads, have been known to willingly part with large portions of their hordes for a rare tree, or plant cutting that they especially desire. Breath Weapon: None. Unlike other Dragons the Lead has no breath weapon; instead it has a poisonous bite, that it can use an unlimited number of times. Appearance: Lead dragons can be a dark grey green to a greenish white in color, at hatching the scales are bright and dull with age. Lead dragons look much like wingless Green Dragons, but with fan like crests rather than knobby horns or bony ridges.

Frost Dragons (Tin)

Frost or Tin Dragons are the rarest of all the Royodan Dragons, as many became White Dragons long ago, the species has not yet fully recovered. Tins are much like their White cousins in appearance, but have a silvery sheen to their scales and are very polite to visitors. Reclusive by nature, they are rather civilized and noble nonetheless, and admire Silver Dragons, practically as heroes. Tins live in the high Ice of the Argonesti Glaciers, where they burrow to the geothermal steam vents to lair. When a Tin decides to move on as their migratory nature requires, the Argonesti usually adopt the new steam cavern for themselves. Tins feel pity for their White cousins, but will destroy them if they are able. Breath Weapons: Tin dragons have two distinct breath weapons, one a Cloud of freezing fog, the other a barrage of frozen ice particles, much like a White Dragons. Appearance: Much like a wingless white, the Tin Dragon is sleeker and less bulky, much like a giant silvery blue white and grey gecko. At birth, Tins are dull silver that slowly becomes the mottled blue grey and white of glacial pack ice.

Turtle Dragons (Sea)

Turtle dragosn are the Traditional Sea dragon of Krynn, many are found in the deep ocean, and are exactly as Sea Dragons are detailed for Dragonlance

Chromatic Dragons (Rare)

The Chromatic Dragons are still Rather Rare on Royodo, and as such are found usually in Isolated areas, where the native Royodan Dragons have yet to search them out. These Dragons behave just as normal Chromatic Dragons of the Dragonlance setting normally do.

Noble Metallic Dragons (Rare)

Very fe Noble Metallics have made Royodo their home, with the exception of the Gold, which has found the Royodan Dragons much to its intellectual liking. Golds willingly share the hights with the Irons and many Golds have taken Nickel’s as mates. Silvers are rare, but do pass by on the high weinds where they encounter the Zinc Dragons, and some brass and coppers have stumbled upon the Forest and River Dragons. Other wise, The Noble Metalillics act as detailed in the Dragonlance setting.

Lesser Dragons (Tylors)

Tylors are detailed in the beastiary of Krynn, and are refered to as lLesser dragons along with Hatori and other draconic creatures. Tylor of Royodo are usually of Chromatic descent with the occasional Tylor who shares a parent that was of Lead or Tin extraction.

Crossbreeds (Very Rare)

Rare in the extreme the few crossbreads to be known to exist are usually of Gold/Nickel or Lead/Brass matings. The Gold/Nickel is sometimes refered to as a Mercury Dragon, while the Brass/Lead is sometimes called a Fang Dragon.

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