Gare’on Kier

Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Gare’on Kier
Other Names: blooded one, the clear man, the leecher, invisible death, blud’vein, Llot’ v’sin
Birth: unknown
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: Gare’on Kier is a translucent skinned human that can, by touch, draw life out of living things, giving himself temporaryfeatures(IE: blood in veins-> bone->muscle/eyes->skin/hair -8hr limitation-) or the ability to heal himself, depending on the amount of life he draws(and severity of wound). This leaving the victim an unfortunate lifeless husk. Gare’on struggles with the cost of such action. He clothes himself in brown travel cloaks and leather and is specialized in hand to hand combat, using his adamantite nunchucku as his soul defense.

Bio: Gare’on has no memory of how he came to exist in his present fashion. His first memory is seeing a brightly lit battle between an old man in white and a golden-skinned, shell of a man. Gare’on travels across Ansalon, in any direction that may lead to clues to his condition. Though he does not have an uncontrollable urge to take lives to look normal, it is a great repose to the fear and violent reactions he receives when “translucent”. Someday he hopes to regain his memory and his humanity, but everyday leaves him more caustic about his situation.

Gare’on Kier is Deaf and Mute.

Author’s Design Note: Gare’on is based on the invisible man/Bruce Lee/Lichdom/ and Jean Val Jean

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