Bralkima Es-Chardin

Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Bralkima Es-Chardin
Other Names: Bralkima "The Many Armed"
Birth Date: 421 AC
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: Bralkima is an adult minotaur male who is 23 years of age. He has light light tan fur and eyes black as pitch. He is somewhat slender for a minotaur at a height of 6′ 10" and a weight of 315 lbs. A pair of horns capped with dagger-pointed cones of steel jut nearly 2 feet out from his temples. He prefers functional, non-descript robes that allow for a wide range of movement.

While ‘slender’ compared to most minotaurs he moves with an easy grace, as if in complete control of his body. He rarely speaks to those not of his family but when he does it is usually in short sentences and sharp tones, especially with his students. He has a branding of his own design on the palm of each hand. The brand is of four hands radiating from a central point. The hands in the ‘North/South’ position are open. The ‘East/West’ hands are clenched fists.

Wealth and Social Status: As a monk and a minor magic-user, Bralkima has little personal wealth and few items. He has a pair of magic bracers retrieved from the treasury of an elven noble. He also wears a belt that augments his already impressive abilities. Unknown to most, Bralkima has a small traveling spellbook that he keeps in a water resistant pack during his travels and his clothing has small pockets sewn inside in which he discreetly keeps his spell components.

Bralkima, while respected, is seen as a bit odd. He is quieter than most minotaurs and hasn’t apparently found an occupation in the service of the Empire, yet he has come to the defense of many minotaurs and his disdain for non-minotaurs is intense.

Bio: Bralkima’s lineage hails from Mithas but he was born in Sargasanti in the year of its founding. His parents, both living, have four other children. He has 1 older brother, 1 younger brother, and 2 younger sisters. Bralkima has a respectful but distant relationship with his father. He maintains close ties with his mother and youngest sister. His other siblings are Legionnaires on constant assignments so he rarely sees them but proudly calls them kin.

His family is well respected in the community due to the accomplishments of his father and siblings in the Legions. They have lived in Sargasanti since it’s founding in 421 AC. Within Ambeon, Bralkima has no known enemies although monasteries dedicated to Majere throughout Ansalon are hearing disturbing rumors of a new monastic order in Ambeon.

Bralkima’s allies are the members of his school. It is not an Empire sanctioned organization although Bralkima’s ultimate goals would only benefit the Empire. He has 27 students, one of which is his sister. They are not much more than beginners but have taken to his teachings and training with fervor. He can also count on his siblings if needed but prefers to handle situations himself.

Bralkima is somewhat of an oddity in the minotaur race. He is combining martial prowess with the discipline of magic. The conditioning of body and mind. And it started at an early age. His father would maintain and improve his Legion skills on his own time in the forests of Sargasanti. He would often bring Bralkima along. With his father, Bralkima observed the way predatory animals would attack, defend, and kill. He admired the efficiency and speed of the mantis. The silent movements and piercing fangs of the wildcats. He watched the swooping attack of the hawk and powerful overwhelming blows of the bear.

On one of these outings, they observed a lone elf, defenseless and grieving over a newly dug grave. They crept closer in hopes of obtaining another slave of the Empire. Bralkima, not as experienced in woodcraft as his father made a slight noise and the elf was alerted. The elf’s hand darted to a pouch at his belt, shouted some words, and appeared to stand straighter. Another few words and his vitality returned. Once more the elf spoke and rushed them with a staff. He actually struck Bralkima’s father a solid blow before the older minotaur was able to disarm and subdue the elf. Bralkima’s father never spoke highly of the crafty ways of the elves but his son witnessed a first-hand display of its efficiency.

Bralkima took his knowledge of natural attack and defense and practiced them in seclusion. He found where the elf that attacked his father was kept and had the slave assigned to his mother’s house. Bralkima, while not kind, did not necessarily torment the slave. In return, Bralkima demanded the elf teach him what magic he had. The elf was a minor practitioner but taught Bralkima the fundamentals. Bralkima also took a traveling spell book from the elf and uses it to this day.

Bralkima’s forays into the woods did not go unnoticed by his little sister. She followed him and observed his devotions to the body and mind. As she saw his fingers pierce a small tree and then speaking a few words, toss a boulder much larger than he should be able to she knew she had to have that power. She asked to be taught and impressed by the way she came upon him unknown he agreed. Eventually he looked for other minotaurs who had the potential to be taught. With questions and observation he accumulated a small group of students who have taken to his new discipline. They’ve sworn an oath of secrecy as minotaur society would find the combining of martial and magical prowess to be a highly dishonorable act.

Bralkima desires are to eventually destroy Majere’s monastic orders as the perfection of body and mind can only be obtained by minotaurs and only in service to Sargas. He also hopes in time to take his discipline to the Emperor and have it recognized officially.

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