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Tracy Hickman With Manuscripts

Over the course of the last several days, Dragonlance fans have been greeted by promising news regarding the future of the setting. This weekend, news broke that the lawsuit was dismissed by Weis and Hickman, although it remains an option as of this time. With the end of the lawsuit, speculation began to surface through fans of the setting that a settlement or a withdrawal of a bad case had happened.

Over the course of the weekend, we have been greeted by a couple of social media posts that have led us here at the Dragonlance Nexus to believe that a settlement was reached. The question that many fans had was what kind of settlement was reached, would it be for new books, a movie deal, cash, merchandise, or RPG books.

While fans were at a disagreement of whether new books would come out, a light lit up the sky with a post Margaret Weis shared on social media on Saturday (Dec 19, 2020). While the message did not offer details of the case it stated, “I know some of you have seen that our lawsuit against WoTC was dismissed. I can’t say anything yet but watch for exciting news in the weeks to come! And thank you so much for your support!”

It would be safe to say that from that message we believe that the publication of the novels that were in jeopardy, would be happening. To fuel further speculation that we will be getting novels a post on social media by Tracy Hickman (12/20/20) added fuel to the fire. The post simply said “Contemplating the coming of the happiest of New Years.” Underneath the post was a picture of Tracy and three binders. While the contents of the binders are not known, it has fueled speculation that the manuscript to the future novels may be contained within.

While many fans of the setting have been hoping for a movie deal to be announced based on rumors that originated several years ago, it appears that will not be happening. Fans asked Margaret Weis through social media on movie details or a possible movie deal. Her response to the question was a strong no to a movie deal. While a future movie may still happen down the road, at this time there appears to be no movie talk in the works.

While at this time we do not have official confirmation that the novels will be coming out, we strongly believe here at the Dragonlance Nexus, it is just a matter of when they will come. We will keep following the story and providing updates as they come available.

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  1. I’m hoping in books and an animated series tbh

  2. Chad V. / Zenaficus

    Ya if half of what they claim in the lawsuit was as it occurred, that was a big time loser for WotC, and probably someone there finally woke up or got it put in front of them. I hope the new novels come out, and I would 100% be down for some form of tv or movie adaptation… give me DragonLance ala Netflix’s Castlevania or something.

    At any rate glad to see some good news.

  3. Does somebody notice the “Sony pictures” logo on his shirt? Or am i to suspicious?

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