Sable Uth Bostel

Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

"It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways." Buddha

Name: Sable Uth Bostel
Other Names: Sable Vestolar (maiden name)
Birth Date: Midsummer’s Eve, 377 AC
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: Sable Uth Bostel is petite for a human, standing just under 5 feet tall, weighing just over 100 lbs. She has long black hair, porcelain skin and large, light blue eyes. She has always had a calm demeanor and that hasn’t changed since the tragedy. She smiles a lot but it never seems to reach her eyes.
Wealth & Social Status: Sable is a wealthy widow of the last of the Uth Bostel family.
Bio: Sable was born into poverty in Egaard, Solamnia, to Heather Vestolar, a bar wench who would resort to prostitution when the opportunity arouse. Sable’s childhood was far from an easy one, hunger and the threat of being homeless always being a constant threat. Heather wanted better for her daughter so when Sable reached the age of 8, she found the girl work a bakers shop. It wasn’t hard work but involved long hours. Sable’s pretty face helped with sales.

Heather was murdered when Sable as 12. Her murderer was never found. Sable’s employer let her stay in the shop for a part of her wages. She resented him for it but outside of sleeping on the streets, she felt she had no other choice.

As Sable became a young woman she caught the eye of a young knight, Sir Trondus Uth Bostel, who though his father strongly advised against it, wooed and married the young woman. Sable was deeply in love with her young knight and truly trusted him, believing that she had found her happily ever after. She and Trondus lived in the mansion of his father just outside the city.

Soon after the wedding; Sable was expecting. Their son, Colius was born happy and healthy. She and Trondus were deeply in love and the birth of a heir to the Uth Bostel name smoothed things out between Trondus’ father who warming up to his daughter in law. They were a happy family.

One night though; a knock at the door changed all that. Both Trondus and his father were called to an emergency meeting. The messenger was vague about why the meeting was called and Sable had a bad feeling about the whole thing. She begged her husband not to go but he reassured his bride that it was not a matter she should worry about and that they would be back before dawn. Sable’s intuition was correct though and on their way into Egaard they were ambushed. No one ever found out who was involved though. The scene with blood as well as the bodies of Trondus, his father and the messenger. There was no doubt that they had killed some of their attackers though no other bodies remained.

Sable, now a widow, inherited the family home and its riches, all of which she would have gladly given up for the return of her husband and father in law. To add to the tragedy, Colius, Sable’s son, became ill only a few months later on an extremely stormy night. Sable sent a servant into the city to fetch a cleric. though the servant made it to

Egaard and found a servant of Mishakal who was out the door to rush to the child’s aid as soon as asked, the pouring rain and washed the road out making the trip take much longer that normal. When the cleric finally reached the Uth Bostel family home it was too late. Colius had succumbed to the fever and had passed away.

Isolated from the city in her mansion of memories, Sable fell into a deep depression. She blamed the Knights of Solamnia for calling her husband at an hour that left them vulnerable to the attack that took him from her. She blamed the Clerics of Mishakal for the death of her son. She always believed that the cleric didn’t want to come to save her son and that he purposely was slow coming to his aid so he would not have to save him. She believed that both groups, the Knights Of Solamnia and the Clerics of Mishakal were punishing her for they didn’t believe she deserved such happiness; after all, she was nothing more than a whore’s child: what right did she have to such happiness and fortune? All the doubts and fears consumed her.

These feelings stewed through Sable’s depression till they were all she thought about. The anger that grew drove her to do something about these injustices. Sable hired three female mercenaries:
Cealon Speen: an elven ranger with a hatred for humans that was only surpassed by her love for steel coin.
Gloria Uth Mattern: a sell sword from Egaard who had a abundance of "friends" who would do anything for a coin.
And Chrysocolla Grimstone: a Theiwar Dwarf who thirst for more knowledge of magic drew her out of her home far beneath the mountains.

Sable calls them her three generals who will lead her armies in the war that the Knights and Clerics have initiated against her. They have begun small: an ambush on the road kills a Knight and his family. A candle is knocked over and remote temple burns, killing all inside. During a common snow storm, an avalanche buries a supply convoy, killing all and sweeping away all supplies (right into Sables storage sheds).

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