The Clash of Thorns Set – digital dice

The Clash of Thorns Set – digital dice
Genres: Gaming Books, Digital Dice
Publisher: D&D Beyond
Publication Year: November 2022
Format: Digital


Don these armored dice and face off against the Dragon Armies that threaten your world! But beware, for you may come face to face with the cruel Lord Soth!

About the Book

The Dragon Armies of the evil Dragon Queen Takhisis are tearing through your homelands, and you’ve been called to fight! Now you can equip these armored dice to aid you in battle. Each is crafted from leather bands and armor plates with carefully etched interwoven bands.

• Critical Animation: As the battle sways in and out of your favor, you’ll conjure a Knight of Solamnia surrounded by white flowers or come face to face with the infamous Lord Soth, whose eyes burn red!
• Ambient Animation: These dice glow with magic that will light your way to victory.
• Unique Sounds: As your fate is decided, you’ll hear the clink of metal as the dice roll across your character sheet.

Ready to take the fight to Takhisis? A war awaits you in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

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