Managing editor, Young People's Science Encyclopedia, Childrens Press, Chicago, 1961-1964; juvenile editor, Thomas Nelson & Sons, London, 1964-1966; natural history editor, Paul Hamlyn Group, Ltd., London, 1966-1967; editor-in-chief Above and Beyond: Encyclopedia Aviation & Space Sciences, New Horizons Publications, Chicago, 1967-1969; editor-in-chief Young Student's Encyclopedia, Funk & Wagnalls, Xerox Education Publs., 1969-1972; editor, co-founder, Journal Aerospace Education, 1973-1976; editor, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Report to Educators, 1973-1976; managing editor book division, TSR, Inc., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 1982-1988; senior editor, CrimeBooks, Inc., Wilmette, Illinois, 1989; president, founder, editor, B&B Public, Inc., Fontana, Wisconsin, 1989-1994.
  • Memorable Quotes

    Est Sularus oth Mithas – My honor is my life.

    — Oath of the Knights of Solamnia