Wyldling Magic, Kobold Raids in Haven, and Ulin and Lucy Majere

Honored Bard,

I was recently visited by a strange individual who gave me a bundle of three scrolls to peruse, but only upon his departure. I asked his name, but he refused to give it, insisting that his name was not important.

The three scrolls all deal with the subject of Wild Sorcery, giving some updates and filling in some historical gaps.

Wyldling Magic

The first scroll is a copy of an account of a group of renegades who practiced an early form of Wild Sorcery, which they referred to as Wyldling magic. According to the account, the group existed over 30 years prior to the War of the Lance. The group, led by a man named Berthal, was betrayed by the Black Robes, who set up a trap to destroy the sorcerers.

According to the scroll, Par-Salian the White and Ladonna the Black were there when the event occurred. There are few other survivors, though it is rumored that some went on to practice Wyldling magic in private. Some went to live with the Vagros, a wandering band of gypsies who have all but died out in the current age.

Kobold Raids in Haven

The second scroll is of import, as it relates to the first. Recently, a band of kobolds has been raiding farm houses in the lands outside of Haven. Farmers asked the local constabulary for help, but they were having a hard time locating the crafty kobolds.

As fate would have it, the kobolds raided a small caravan traveling through the area. When the kobolds attacked, they were repulsed by magical powers wielded by a young girl. When questioned, the girl said she had used something called "Wyldling magic." Her mother would not allow her to say any more.

Ulin and Lucy Majere

The final scroll was news from Solace regarding Ulin and Lucy Majere. According to the letter, Sheriff Gerard uth Mondar has recently made Lucy Majere the Deputy Sheriff of Solace. He had heard of her exploits in Flotsam, and felt that a few well-placed "potato bombs" would work wonders towards deterring miscreants. It also helps to cut down the waste of any bad potatoes the Inn of the Last Home might encounter.

Ulin has once again taken up the practice of magic, though he has learned to focus it in new ways. He has combined his gnome-like love of tinkering with magic to create his own special brand of magic called artifice. Ulin seems content practicing his craft in private.

Respectfully Yours,
Iryl Songbrook
Writing from the Port of Schallsea, on the Isle of Schallsea

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