Wizards of High Sorcery

Tres Lunas Magicas (Three Magic Moons)

Tres Lunas Magicas (Three Magic Moons)

The Wizards of High Sorcery stand as the oldest, most feared, and most respected of all the orders of the world of Krynn. These wizards draw upon the arcane magic granted by the moons and the gods of magic associated with those moons.

Motto. “The warrior has his blade. The wizard has his magic.”

Beliefs. The Wizards of High Sorcery follow the Foundations of Magic, set down by the Gods of Magic, which can be summarized as follows:

  • All wizards are brothers and sisters in their Order. All Orders are brothers and sisters in power.
  • The places of High Sorcery are held in common among all Orders and no magic is to be used in anger against fellow wizards in these places.
  • The world beyond the Towers may bring brother against sister and Order against Order, but such is the way of the universe.

Goals. All Wizards of High Sorcery seek knowledge, power, and the advancement of magic throughout the world.

Typical Quests. Typical Wizard of High Sorcery quests include searching for magical lore with which to increase their own power, search for lost magical items and tomes, and preserving the knowledge and history of magic.

The Orders of High Sorcery

The Wizards of High Sorcery are made of three orders, each of which drawing their power from a different moon based upon their moral outlook.

Order of the White Robes

The Order of the White Robes draws its power from the moon Solinari. The members of this order follow the paths of knowledge, wisdom, and the magic of protection. Beyond magic, White Robe Wizards are focused on the cause of Good. Often they will assist the forces of Good to defend against the darkness.

Order of the Red Robes

The Order of the Red Robes draws its power from the moon Lunitari. The members of this order follow the paths of knowledge and illusion. The Red Robe Mages are said to have the ultimate loyalty to magic, having no tendencies to lean either towards good or towards evil. Red Robes seek to maintain the Balance.

Order of the Black Robes

The Order of the Black Robes draws its power from the moon Nuitari. While members of this order are evil-aligned, they do not cause random destruction for destruction’s sake (such as throwing random fireballs at an unsuspecting village). To do so would jeopardize the magic. Black Robe Mages may be cruel, but they are also cunning. They tend to avoid open acts of violence if more subtle ways can be found. Black Robe Mages seek the quickest route to power possible to satisfy their hunger for magic.

Test of High Sorcery

One of the traditions established by the First Conclave is the institution of the Test of High Sorcery, designed to challenge the dedication of any student desiring to master the art of magic.

Each Test of High Sorcery is uniquely designed for the individual wizard taking it, and should include at least three challenges to be overcome by the wizard’s knowledge of magic and its use. Characters must solve problems and defeat foes by casting every spell they know at least once, and should also face confrontation with someone thought to be a friend or ally.

Those taking the Test can bring companions with them if they desire, but will find the challenges scaled upward in compensation. No one who accompanies a wizard on his challenge has any guarantee of returning, for by the harsh terms of the Test, failure means death.

Arcane Traditions

Each of the three Orders of High Sorcery has a degree of expertise in two schools of magic. This knowledge and mastery of these schools is reflected in the narrowed focus of dedicated wizards. The favored schools are abjuration and divination (White Robes), illusion and transmutation (Red Robes), and enchantment and necromancy (Black Robes). Wizards of all three orders may choose from the schools of conjuration and evocation. A player may choose a school of magic not favored by his order with the dungeon master’s permission.

Moon Magic

All Wizards of High Sorcery draw strength directly from the moon aligned with their particular Order—White Robe wizards from Solinari, the White Moon; Red Robe wizards from Lunitari, the Red Moon; Black Robe wizards from Nuitari, the Black Moon (whose aspect only Black Robe wizards can see).

The waxing and waning of their respective moons has an effect upon the magic of Wizards of High Sorcery. When a moon is at High Sanction, wizards of that moon’s order gain advantage on attack rolls with spells and gain a +1 bonus to their spell save DCs. When a moon is at Low Sanction, wizards of that moon’s order gain disadvantage on attack rolls with spells, and incur a -1 penalty to their spell save DCs. During the waxing and waning periods around the quarter moons, wizards of that moon’s order cast their spells normally.

Moon Tracking Table


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