Witches of Taladas

Playing a Witch

The witches of Taladas are wizards who practice an ancient form of arcane magic.  Their art is part religion, part ritual, and all mystery.  Witches gain their power from the Spirits of Magic, who instructs them by way of a magical familiar that comes and goes as it pleases, unbound by the strictures of the material world.

Unlike their Ansalonian counterparts, witches do not organize at magical towers, nor do they wear the robes of the Orders of High Sorcery.  That is not to say that Taladan witches do not honor the Spirits of Magic.  While they may not wear robes, they will honor their patron moon in other ways.  A witch expresses his allegiance to his patron moon through other ways, such as wearing a colored sash, using an orb that is the same color as their patron moon.

The connection a witch has with his moon is different than that of a Wizard of High Sorcery.  The power of a witch does not wax and wane with the phase of the moon.  However, the type of power they have access to is based on their patron moon.

Covens of the Moons

While witches are not part of the Orders of High Sorcery, they affiliate with a coven, a loose order of witches that share a similar moral philosophy.  Black witches are part of a Dark Moon coven, gaining the dread presence power.  White witches are part of a Full Moon coven, gaining the glorious presence power.  Red witches are free to choose either coven.

Witches tend to be solitary by nature.  So it is that they only convene when their patron moon is in high sanction.  Witches of multiple covens will convene when both moons are in high sanction at the same time.  Only during the Night of the Eye will covens of all three alignments congregate.

Some witches, though, live in isolation, unaware or unwilling to join a moon coven.  Despite this, every witch must make a choice on which type of witchcraft they wish to practice.


The witches of Taladas practice an ancient arcane craft that dates back to the Second Dragon War in the Age of Dreams.  A magical storm, its origins unknown, raged across Taladas, with destruction in its wake.  Prayers from clerics seemed to go unanswered, the gods seemingly having no power to stop the storm.  Finally, the primitive peoples called out to the night for protection and power, and the Spirits of Magic answered.  Those who accepted their arcane gifts became the first witches.

Witchcraft is a hidden art, one nearly wiped out during the reign of the empire of Aurim.  Though witchcraft has seen a resurgence after the fall of Aurim in the Great Destruction, witches must still work in secret, lest they face those who fear and loathe them.

Witches  face increasing persecution in the Imperial League from the grey robed wizards registered with the Imperial College of Magic.  These League wizards actively seek to recruit witches for the service of the League of Minotaurs.

The Spirits of Magic

The moons of magic are not considered to be true gods, but rather powerful spirits that can be communed with for arcane knowledge.

Spirits of Magic
Taladas Name Ansalon Name Alignment Other Names
Solis Solinari Lawful Good Solais (League), Toyaqual (Uigan), Auros (Scorned), Soranus, Amekht-Mul, Ilman-Solri, and Sokilrandimiquarthol (gnomes)
Lunis Lunitari Unaligned Lunais (League), Ferros (Scorned), Yergas the Goddess of Night, Luita, and Anasjovheerthol (gnomes)
Nuvis Nuitari Evil Angomais (League), Ne’ugiar (Uigan), Orgentos (Scorned), Neith, Malkari, and Kaasromermagasthol (gnomes)


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