Wings of Chislev

Entry in the 2006 Nexus Organizations Contest.


Chislev Holy Symbol

The wings were formed following the War of Souls, founded by a Kagonesti by the name of Forest Eagle. Forest Eagle was something of a legend among the elves of Southern Ergoth. He helped defend the Kagonesti from all their enemies, even their so-called civilized brethren. One night Forest Eagle was visited by the spirit of Chislev in the form of a giant eagle who had a important mission for him. Chislev wished for Forest Eagle to not only lead the Kagonesti against the ogres but also agianst Gellidus and the civilized elves. For the act of civilizing the Kagonesti was an act agianst the nature of the world and the natural order. As much as Forest Eagle detested his elven cousins, he found it hard to actively wage war against them. That changed the next day when, on a covert mission into Silvamori, he stumbled across a young noble beating a giant eagle hatchling into obedience so it could be domesticated for him to parade around and be the center of attention among the other nobles. In a rage over such an act by another elf Forest Eagle attacked the young noble and then escaped with the hatchling.

Finding the family of the hatchling was unfortunately a failure so Forest Eagle took it upon himself to raise it. For the next couple of years Forest Eagle led his small band of rebels in raids against their enemies. Finally the civilized elves had enough of the rebels and dedicated themselves to finding and executing the leader. Sadly, Forest Eagle was caught but they wanted to make a show of his execution so the other Kagonesti would learn that civilization is the way to go. Swiftwind, the giant eagle that Forest Eagle had raised, led the other rebels to another clan of giant eagles and was able to sway the eagles into helping the rebels save Forest Eagle. They were successful and that is how the giant eagle riding rebels came to be.


The Wings of Chislev wish to rid Southern Ergoth of all their enemies, to save all their Kagonesti brothers from slavery, and to return Ergoth to its natural forested state. Being that Chislev is tired of seeing all her children and domain changed and corupted. Once they have saved Ergoth they plan on conquering Qualinost and Silvanost to prove to their cousins that the power of nature is the real way.


Led by Forest Eagle and his loyal friend Swiftwind, all the eagles and elves are treated with equality as they are all children of Chislev.


None except for the other animals and children of Chislev.


Ogres, Gellidos, and the other elves and humans of Ergoth.


It is dangerous since any one known to be member is to be arrested on sight or killed. All members also receive a feather token from the eagle they bond with.


Only elves of Kagonesti blood may join. To join one must undertake a mission to free a captive Kagonesti by any means possible, even if it means spilling blood. Once the would be Wing of Chislev have freed a fellow brother she must earn the respect of an eagle.


The unending loyalty of your fellow brothers and children of Chislev.

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