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Dragonhelm’s Notes: The time of the foundation of the Dragonlance Nexus was a very hectic one. Lots of elements were going on at once. The Whitestone Council was forming, Jim Butler was calling for an official fan site, and everyone had an opinion on how it should be done. That’s when Tracy Hickman came onto the scene. Much has changed since, but I wanted to present the original vision for history’s sake. First is Tracy’s original proposal, posted on the Dragonlance-L mailing list January 11, 2001. Take it away, Tracy…


I would like to suggest something radical. What I believe we need online is a unification of Dragonlance sites rather than a competition between them for who gets the official blessing and seal of approval from Wizards.

I suggest that we create an original nexus site dedicated to linking the all existing sites by their specialty and promoting Dragonlance gaming under d20 system. If we can all get behind a neutral site as being official, then we all can participate fully in our areas of expertise.

I started DL adventure gaming … and I’d like to keep it alive. I know what is going to be happening at the end of War of Souls and I promise you it will be world worthy of adventure.

I am proposing to put together such an original nexus site in collaboration with as many of you here as are interested. Any interest such an effort sanctioned not only by Wizards … but by Weis & Hickman as well?

Yours in a greater Krynn;

Tracy Hickman

Dragonhelm’s Notes: The following is a post by Tracy Hickman from the Dragonlance-L mailing list, posted January 13, 2001. Again, here’s Tracy…

Greetings, Friends;

Here is my preliminary level/branching structure for the Nexus site. The presentation here is by level of click from the main site – I am trying to avoid having more than three clicks to arrive at the information/destination the user is trying to reach. The number designators in front of each entry, therefore, represent an arbitrary assignment of level-clicks down from the main site. Thus, 2.0.0 would represent the second option to select on the first page; 2.3.0 would represent the third option to select on the second page. This should give you an idea of the kinds of content we will be providing across the board in support of games as well as the general structure to the proposed site.

(1.1.0) Select Module for Download by Popularity
(1.2.0) Select Module for Download by Location in Krynn
(1.3.0) Select Module for Download by Time Period of Adventure
(1.4.0) Submit (Upload) Module for Consideration
(1.5.0) Contact Module Selection Council
(1.6.0) Online Chat Games (Introduction & Rules)
(1.7.0) Online Chat Games Selection
(1.8.0) Online Adventure Games (Future Expansion)
(1.9.0) Conventions & Gaming Events

(2.1.0) Dragonlance 3E Rules Sourcebook (pdf)
(2.2.0) Reference: Comprehensive Atlas of Krynn
(2.3.0) Reference: Encyclopaedia of Astinus (Full Krynn Encyclopaedia)
(2.4.0) Reference: Beastiary of Ansalon (3E Monster Manual)
(2.5.0) Reference: Pantheon of Celestia (Gods & Religions of Krynn)
(2.6.0) Reference: Tome of High Sorcery (Orders of Wizardry)
(2.7.0) Reference: Races and Nations
(2.7.1) Races: Elves, Gnomes, Kenders, Minotaurs, Dwarves, Ogres
(2.7.2) Nations: Solamnia, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Sanction, Whitestone
(2.8.0) River of Time: Heroes of Legend (NPC Character Stats)
(2.9.0) River of Time: Oath & the Measure (Solamnic PCs)
(2.10.0) River of Time: Vision, Blood Oath & Code (Knights of Takhisis PCs)
(2.11.0) River of Time: (New Organizations as needed)

(3.1.0) Wizards of the Coast Pages
(3.2.0) Whitestone Council Information Page (see below)
(3.3.0) Webmaster Contact Page
(3.4.0) Dragonlance Gaming Online Newsletter

If you feel I have missed any important categories or subcategories in the above list, please let me know so that we can include them in the hierarchal structure.

The Whitestone Council would be reformed from among its currently existing members and the various webmasters who wish to take on the design and maintenance of various parts of the site as well as others with more general abilities to offer. We would expect certain members to take on specific tasks of compilation, updating and maintenance. For example, someone would need to be in charge of the Encyclopaedia … which would not only reflect the known state of Krynn but also would be updated by new material as it became accepted as official. Others will find themselves reading submitted modules for consideration of inclusion on the site. Margaret and I would direct this process. Still others will be hammering out rules revisions on the Core Dragonlance Book as needed. A page of background information on all members of the Whitestone Council and links to contact them will be accessible from the first page.

Many of these resources already exist in some form, scattered across many of your own sites. We’ll work with each of you concerning the integration of these online resources … with full credit given where credit is due. Additionally, a standardized interface, suite of graphics and agreed design templates will insure that the site as a whole both appears and performs seamlessly.

I look forward to your response as I move toward designing a really kicking control interface.

Tracy Hickman

About Tracy Hickman

Dragonlance originators Tracy and Laura Hickman have been publishing game designs and stories together for over thirty-two years - nearly as long as their marriage - and thus started them both on a life of adventure and imagination. Tracy is a New York Times best-selling co-author (with Margaret Weis) of many Dragonlance novels including the original "Dragonlance Chronicles", "Dragonlance Legends", "Rose of the Prophet" and "Darksword" trilogies as well as the seven-book "Deathgate Cycle". Tracy and Laura are remembered together for their role-playing game designs in "Dragonlance" and the "Oasis of the White Palm" series but are perhaps best known for their classic adventure, the original "Ravenloft." For more information on Tracy, visit his website at http://www.trhickman.com/.
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