War of the Darklance


Icewall, by Ray Morris

“Imagine an age of darkness upon the face of Ansalon. Imagine a time where the scales of the Balance have been irrevocably tipped, where evil has nearly won, and where good seems to have lost all hope.

It is a time of darkness, when Ansalon is at war once again. Ariakan, son of the highlord Ariakas, has assembled a new knighthood — one based on the Knights of Solamnia, but with the black heart of those who follow Queen Takhisis. This is a knighthood founded on modern ideals, one that is not afraid of using magic, and one that has learned a valuable lesson. For the first time, evil does
not turn upon itself. It stands to be the biggest threat the Dark Queen has unleashed upon the face of Krynn.”
-Legends of the Twins

This document is the original fan write-up of War of the Darklance, prior to its inclusion in Legends of the Twins. Comes with a complete rules set for Dragonlance 3rd edition, created prior to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.

War of the Darklance

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