Venger, Force of Evil

Venger, Force of Evil, is said to be over a thousand years old. Tales of Venger date back to the Age of Dreams. Little in the way of fact is known of Venger. One tale claims that Venger once had a good soul, but turned against his father when he pledged his service to Chaos. Venger would later seek his master, whose aspect had been imprisoned by Reorx in the Greygem. Venger sought out the Greygem, and when he found it, he was transformed into a cambion half-fiend. His transformation to darkness was complete.

Other tales detail a band of heroes and the young Forestmaster, then only a unicorn filly, who opposed Venger at every turn. It is said that Paladine, in his guise of Fizban the Fabulous, gathered the heroes together and gave them magical items of power to oppose Venger. Venger coveted these items and sought to use them in his battles against Takhisis during the Third Dragon War. What happened to the heroes is unknown, though the unicorn grew to become the Forestmaster of Darken Wood. It is unknown whether Venger lost his right horn to these heroes, in his battle with Takhisis, or against another foe.

In the Age of Might, Venger determined that he could not oppose the power of the Kingpriest and that Istar could not be defeated. Venger was one of the few who foresaw the Cataclysm, recognizing the warnings of the gods. Yet he did nothing about it. He allowed it to happen, knowing that he would have a better chance of conquering Ansalon during the oncoming Age of Despair.

What Venger did during the Time of Darkness is lost to history. According to the Herald, he once launched an assault on Ansalon, but was foiled by a Knight of Solamnia who had gathered an army of refugees, giving them hope where they previously had none. The refugees died to a man, and the knight fell to one of Venger’s generals. Venger was defeated by a band of adventurers led by the knight’s older brother, also a Knight of Solamnia. Though defeated, Venger was not destroyed, and so he waited, licking his wounds.

Takhisis was also busy in these years, gathering up her own forces – the Dragonarmies. Fearing her power, Venger worked behind the scenes against the Dragonarmies in the War of the Lance, even indirectly aiding the Whitestone forces in the process.

Venger rose again in power in the Chaos War. He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken, the mighty Chaos, has returned to the world. Venger sought a way to combat the Knights of Takhisis, the greatest champions of his enemy, the Dark Queen. Venger discovered the sunken Tower of Istar, still intact even after the Cataclysm. He sought the Solio Febalas, the Chamber of Relics that held the holy artifacts of the gods. He nearly achieved his goal when Chaos was defeated, and the world around him was stolen from its place in the universe.

At that moment, Venger knew fear. His greatest enemy, Takhisis, had stolen the world. Now, there was only one god.

Venger hid away in his hidden lair, until the rise of the dragon overlords. In them, he saw renewed hope for the destruction of Takhisis. He allied himself with the infernal Malys, and found a fellow spirit in the form of Beryl. Many of his enemies, from the clerics of Paladine to the Wizards of High Sorcery, were no more. Only Takhisis remained, and he would have his revenge. While the rest of the world was ignorant to her existence, Venger knew she remained, and once again he prepared.

Venger gathered creatures of Chaos to serve him, including the fire dragon Magmarus. He also sought demonic allies, drawing on their innate chaotic nature. He drew forth his stronghold from the earth, transforming it into a flying citadel. There, he knew he would be protected from the forces of the dragon overlords if they turned on him.

The Age of Mortals also saw the rise of Chaos magic. Before, he was one of the few rare individuals that could tap into it due to his connection to Chaos. Now, others had the power too. One such individual was the Shadow Sorcerer. Venger saw through the Shadow Sorcerer’s disguise, and knew her to be a mortal enemy. He also knew that he had to eliminate the Academy of Sorcery and the Citadel of Light before others could rise in power enough to oppose him.

Then, the War of Souls struck. Once again, Takhisis made her move before Venger could make his. He saw the young girl, Mina, take command of the Dark Queen’s forces. Venger waited, as the world changed around him once again. The end result was the death of Takhisis and Paladine’s fall from the heavens. Venger knew, then, that Ansalon would soon be his.

The new era saw the return of the gods, and with them, the Orders of High Sorcery. Yet Venger was not worried; it would take the gods decades to recover. With Takhisis out of the way, his time was now.

Yet the heavens were thrown off-balance once again as Mina resurfaced. She became a cleric of Chemosh and created the Beloved. During her journeys, she entered the Solio Febalas – when Venger could not. She rose to take her place in the heavens, a goddess of darkness and light. Venger sought her as an ally, and she spurned him. Venger had made a new enemy to take the place of Paladine and Takhisis.

Soon, Venger will strike and a new war shall engulf Ansalon.

Venger Level 18 Solo Artillery

Medium immortal humanoid (devil) XP: 10,000
Initiative: +15 Senses: Perception +11; darkvision
HP: 890; Bloodied: 445
AC: 32 (36 against ranged attacks); Fortitude: 32, Reflex: 32 (36 against ranged attacks), Will: 33
Resist: 15 fire
Saving Throws: +5
Speed: 6, fly 8 (clumsy)
Action Points: 2
Longsword: (standard; at-will) ◊ Weapon
+22 vs. AC; 1d8 + 2 damage.
Hellfire Ray: (standard; at-will) ◊ Fire
Ranged 20; +23 vs. Reflex; 2d8 + 8 fire damage, and the target is knocked prone.
Soulscorch: (standard; recharge) ◊ Fire
Area burst 1 within 10; +22 vs. Reflex; 1d10 + 8 fire damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
Soul Mantle:A mantle of soul energy protects Venger, giving him a +4 bonus to AC and Reflex defense against ranged attacks (already included in his statistics).
Alignment: CE
Languages: Common, Supernal
Skills: Arcana +18, Bluff +21, Diplomacy +21
Str: 18 (+13) Dex: 22 (+15) Wis: 15 (+11)
Con: 26 (+17) Int: 18 (+13) Cha: 24 (+16)
Equipment: robes, longsword

Venger Tactics

Venger targets enemies with his hellfire ray, knocking opponents prone and allowing allies to gain combat advantage. Against tightly gathered foes, Venger uses soulscorch.

Venger Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check.

DC 15: Venger employs many servants, most notably his nightmare mount and the vile Shadow Demon.

DC 20: Venger fears only one thing, Takhisis – or rather, her aspect of the five-headed chromatic dragon Tiamat.

DC 25: Venger serves He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken. The few who know this truth believe that he refers to Chaos, and that Ionthas is the name that cannot be spoken.

DC 30: Venger is immortal. He once had a good soul, in the Age of Dreams – before he came into contact with an aspect of Chaos, who was later imprisoned in the Greygem.

DC 35: Venger is Paladine’s son and former student. Paladine’s aspect, Fizban, refers to Venger as his greatest mistake.


Venger’s two closest allies are his nightmare mount, and his servant, Shadow Demon. Shadow Demon serves as spy, servant, and second-in-command. According to legend, Venger had employed Shadow Demon to spy on the Kingpriest. When the Kingpriest discovered Shadow Demon, he employed his holy radiance and nearly obliterated the demon. Venger will also use monstrous humanoids, as well as creatures born of Chaos to serve him.


Venger counts many as his enemy. He is opposed at every turn by Paladine, the father he betrayed. He has also sought to destroy Paladine’s clerics , as well as the Platinum Mystics who arise in the Age of Mortals. Paladine occasionally recruits heroes together when Venger’s evil arises again. Most of those heroes have died by Venger’s hand.

The only enemy that Venger fears is Takhisis. He wishes to destroy her, eventually supplanting her in the heavens. However, he knows that he is no match for her now. He is careful not to destroy her clerics, as that would invite her wrath. He patiently waits for a time when he has amassed enough power to challenge her.

Venger has a fair number of mortal enemies as well. The Orders of High Sorcery oppose his use of Wild Sorcery. The Orders once sent a band of renegade hunters to deal with Venger. None returned. Fearing his power, the Orders keep tabs of his whereabouts and hope to challenge him at some future date when their power has been restored to its fullest.

Recently, Venger has made another enemy in the form of his long-lost sister, Mina. Angered at her for rising to godhood, and with Paladine and Takhisis out of the way, Venger seeks to attain godhood and take her place among the heavens.

Using Venger in Your Campaign

The use of Venger in your campaign is undoubtedly a nod to the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series. What dungeon masters should be wary of is making the game too campy. Have Venger work behind the scenes for a while, and slowly work his way into the adventure. He’s a master schemer and should have contingency plans ready at the PCs every turn. Make him out to be a mastermind, then introduce him, and then the campy factor will not be such an issue. In fact, it may be a fun surprise!


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