Tyranny of Dragons Taladas Conversion:

Tyranny of Dragons

Erestem (Takhisis), is thought dead. The Cult of the Dragon has amassed over the past several years, worshiping to bring about her return to Krynn.

Suggested Supplements:

Suggested Novels: The Taladas Trilogy by Chris Pierson:

Organization Replacements:

Cult of the DragonDark Knights of Takhisis (New Jelek)*, Dragon Knights (evil)*, Ilquar Goblins*, Othlorx Dragons (evil) and the Followers of Erestem* (limited depending on date)
Red Wizards of ThayCult of Hiteh in Thenol* (Thenolite) (clerics and necromancer wizards)
Giants (Sky)Nzunta Irda+ (5E conversion), Abaqua Ogres+ (First People)  
The HarpersThe Armach-Nesti Elves*, Gnomoi of Bilo Columns* and Rainward Isles* (loose confederation)
Order of the GauntletPaladins of Qu’uan (Kiri-Jolith)
The Emerald EnclaveClerics & Druids of Jijin (Chislev) (includes Tamire)
The Lord’s AllianceImperial League of Minotaurs* (includes humans)
The ZhentarimLeague of Merchants*
Metallic DragonsOthlorx Dragons* (good, but no gold dragons)

Organization Drill-Down:

  • You may find information about all * oragnizations in  Ariakan’s Lorebook – Taladas.
  • You may find information about all + organizations in Dungeons & Dragons: Taladas.
  • The Paladins of Qu’uan are created specifically to replace the Order of the Gauntlet and are only specific to this document. You may replace or  

Locations Replacements:

Download or Print the Taladas Map

Chapter 1: (Hoard of the Dragon Queen)Free City of Malton, North of the Tiderun (page 54 Ariakan’s Lorebook) on the southeast tip of the Tamire (page 39 Ariakan’s Lorebook)
Chapter 2:North from Malton into the closest mountain steppes of the Tamire.  
Chapter 3Same as Chapter 2
Chapter 4Faroen in the Okami Province (page 41 Ariakan’s Lorebook) for Elturel, Trilloman (page 41, Arkan’s Lorebook) for Baldur’s Gate
Chapter 5Vinlans in the Highvale Province (page 36 Ariakan’s Lorebook) for Waterdeep, unnamed town directly northeast of Vinlans for Carnath Roadhouse.
Chapter 6Similar area as designated by the Carnath Roadhouse for Castle Naeytar.
Chapter 7Southern Steamwall Mountains, preferably on the border of Thenol (page 4-5, Ariakan’s Lorebook) for the Hunting Lodge, similar are for village of Parnast
Chapter 8Skyreach Castle is mobile, preferably Nzunta Irda created
Chapter 9 (Rise of the Tiamat)Vinlans for Waterdeep (see above)
Chapter 10Southern Panak Wastelands (page 56, Ariakan’s Lorebook) for the Sea of Moving Ice
Chapter 11Hulder (page 36, Ariakan’s Lorebook) for the Serpent Hills and surrounding locations
Chapter 12Darcika Woods (page 51, Ariakan’s Lorebook) for the Misty Forest
Chapter 13Various locations, as per the supplement.
Chapter 14Mountains of the Shining Lands (page 4 and 35, Ariakan’s Lorebook) for the Nether Mountains
Chapter 15Mountains in Syldar, close to New Jelek (page 47, Ariakan’s Lorebook) for Mount Hlim
Chapter 16Thenol (page 48, Ariakn’s Lorebook) for Thay
Chapter 17Mount Bluetop (page 36, Ariakn’s Lorebook) for the Well of Dragons

Monster Availability and Additions:

  • Can use Mind Flayers as yagglols. For a somewhat statblock, see the Revised Bestiary of Krynn 3.5 book.
  • Thenolites have mastered hiding their undead to look human and travel among normal cities (much like the Beloved of Chemosh, but not sentient).

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