Tyranny of Dragons Ansalon Conversion

Tyranny of Dragons

For the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, Takhisis is dead in the ashes of the War of Souls. The Cult of the Dragon has amassed over several years, venerating and gaining magical might to bring about her return to Krynn.

Organization Replacements:

Cult of the DragonThe Dark Knights of Neraka, evil dragons of Ansalon, draconians of Teyr (*legacy evil), goblin tribes of Throtyl*
Red Wizards of ThayBlack Robes from the Order of High Sorcery (potential conflict w White & Red Robes), Renegade Wizards & Sorcerers
GiantsOgres of Blöde and Kern*
The HarpersThe Legion of Steel*
Order of the GauntletHoly Warriors of Kiri-Jolith*
The Emerald EnclaveClerics & Druids of Chislev
The Lord’s AllianceThe Knights of Solamnia & Empire of Solamnia*
The ZhentarimThe Ergothian Merchant Marine*
Metallic DragonsAnsalon & The Dragon Isles
Optional OrganizationsThe Elven Kingdom of Inath-Wakenti *, Minotaur Empire*, Kayolin Dwarves

Organization Drill-down:

  • In the Age of Mortals, the metallic draconians unified under retired General Kang, a bozak of renown. Through fate and luck, they found clutches of female draconian eggs, and are breeding a new generation of draconians. See the 3.5 supplement Dragons of Krynn supplement for more information.
  • After the 3.5 module Price of Courage and The Rise of Solamnia novel trilogy, the goblins that comprised Ankhar’s Horde scattered back to their holes in the mountains of Throtyl. You may also find more information about goblins in the 3.5 supplement Races of Ansalon.
  • The ogre nations have fought their own internal strife between the ogre titans and night hags, and now under Golgren both countries wish to expand their influence and power.
  • The Legion of Steel has over time become a knightly order for the betterment of Ansalon. For more information, check the Knightly Orders of Ansalon supplement book.
  • The Holy Warriors of Kiri-Jolith are a loose confederation of Ansalonian paladins that fight evil.
  • The Knights of Solamnia and the Empire of Solamnia under the control of Emperor Jaymes Markham (Lord of No Sign), are at odds. Thus there may be differing opinions as the Grandmaster of the Knighthood Goddard Tasgall actively moves to defuse Emperor Markham’s imperialistic actions.
  • The Ergothian Merchant Marines are a mercantile organization that operates during the Age of Mortals much like the Zhentarim. You may find more information about them in Price of Courage.
  • Speaker of the Sun and Stars Gilthas Pathfinder established a new kingdom of elves in the valley of Inath-Wakenti, north of the country of Khur.
  • Under the current minotaur Emperor Faros Es-Kalin, the Minotaur Empire still continues to expand outward from their conquered lands of Ambeon (former Silvanesti).
  • The dwarven kingdom of Kayolin is located in the peaks of Garnet Mountains, bordering Solamnia. It is a peaceful dwarven realm with ties of alliance to the Knights of Solamnia.

Locations Replacements:

Chapter 1: (Hoard of the Dragon Queen)Firstward in Southlun Solamnia for Greenest
Chapter 2:Southern Garnet Mountains close to Firstward
Chapter 3Southern Garnet Mountains
Chapter 4Any Restglen for Baldur’s Gate
Chapter 5Solanthus for Waterdeep, Carnath Roadhouse between Solanththus and Kyre,
Chapter 6Similar area as Chapter 5 for Castle Naerytar
Chapter 7Ravenshadow Keep in the Garnet Mountains for the Hunting Lodge, Knollwood for the village of Parnast
Chapter 8Skyreach Castle is mobile, suggested it’s created by draconians from Teyr (stolen by evil sect) (Dragons of Krynn)
Chapter 9 (Rise of the Tiamat)Solanthus for Waterdeep
Chapter 10Icereach for the Seas of Moving Ice (long ship journey)
Chapter 11Area between Garnet Mountains and Lemish for Serpent Hills and surrounding
Chapter 12Dark Woods of Lemish for the Misty Forest
Chapter 13Various locations as per the supplement
Chapter 14Northern Dargaard Mountains for Nethe Mountains
Chapter 15Tower of High Sorcery (abandoned) in Nightlund for Xonthal’s Tower1
Chapter 16Neraka and the city of Jelek for Thay
Chapter 17Taman Busuk mountains (close to Godshome or Star Stones) for the Well of Dragons

1. The Tower of High Sorcery in Nightlund (formerly Palanthas) has been abandoned since the gods of magic removed Dalamar the Dark as it’s master after the War of Souls. The forest in Nightlund is known to be haunted with undead and ghosts, and the structure sustained heavy damage during its teleportation from Palanthas. Due to the Order of High Sorcery rebuilding their numbers, it’s been largely neglected. Through organization of renegade Black Robes, the Cult of Dragons cleared out the undead, repaired the structure and occupied it. Since extradimensional magic is used to create rooms in any Tower, it serves that new levels were created to match the map from the supplement. You can add other known locations in the Tower listed here. It’s understood that this may be a controversial location, but it plays to involve other wizards if the organization hasn’t joined against the Cult yet in your campaign.

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  1. Started to convert this document to Fantasy Grounds Unity for my own personal use, but am making it a Master file so that it will be clean and others can download it to use as well.

    It will be a work in progress and worse case, I only end up using it for myself, but I would love to contribute to this project. I am familiar with FGU as I have been using it since the classic version and then switched over to Unity when it came out.

    Personally, I have been wanting to have Dragonlance as a ruleset for a long time. I believe in what you are doing here and hope that I can at least help to bring it to the Fantasy Grounds platform. Let me know if there is contact with them over at FG and maybe they would be interested in the fans working on this. Not sure with all the Cooyright laws, but that would be their department.

    Please let me know if I can help. Thank you

    • Hi there! I wouldn’t be against converting it over, but this module is owned by WotC. I am sure it’s fine as long as no one is making a profit off it.

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  • Memorable Quotes

    They tell you that my goal was to take over Thorbardin. He smiled disdainfully. What rot! I played for far greater stakes than the acquisition of some stinking, filthy dwarven hole in the ground. My plan was to enter the Abyss. to overthrow the Dark Queen, remove Takhisis from her throne. I sought godhood!

    — Fistandantilus, The Soulforge