Traveler’s Guide to Gunthar

Traveler’s Report on Gunthar (Knights of Solamnia)

Author’s Note: This report is only about the area controlled by the Knights of Solamnia and should not be confused with the Mt. Nevermind article. All references to Sancrist in this document refer to the Knight controlled areas of Gunthar and have nothing to do with the Gnomish nation that is found on the same isle.


The isle of Sancrist is divided in two regions, the mountainous northern part of the island and the plains and forests of the southern part. Prior to the Cataclysm this area was part of the Empire of Ergoth and was part of a province. During the Rose Rebellion the area was the heart of it and the Empire of Ergoth sent Vinas Solamnus to quell the uprising.

It would be during this uprising that Vinas would receive the vision of the knighthood when he encountered the Whitestone. This was nearly 2000 years prior to the Cataclysm and the location of the event has become the center point of many councils of war and peace. It would become the symbol of all that is pure and good in the knighthood.

The island has become a Knight stronghold in the years post the Cataclysm and has become the primary residence of the Knightly Orders. It is bordered on its western shores by the Sirrion Sea which is a vast stretch of open areas. This has resulted in all primary trade routes going through the port cities of Gavin and Markenn. Much of the isle is highly developed with all towns and cities linked by roads.


Castle uth Wistan:

The capital of Sancrist, the current residence of the Grand Master of the Order, is often mistaken for the castle which bears the same name. This city was prior to the Chaos War a sleepy village in which provided supplies and services to the castle. After the Chaos War the castle was selected as the seat of power for the nation of Gunthar. This nation would be ruled by the Knighthood and immediately a short distance from the legendary a castle the small village’s population swelled. Over the course of the last 50 years what started out as a sprawling tent city, has become a modern day city with laid out blocks. It is still located within a day’s walk of the castle that gives its name.


Castle uth Wistan: The family home of the uth Wistan family currently is occupied by the Grand Master. This castle was donated to the knighthood following the death of Gunthar uth Wistan.

Rose’s Drink: This tavern is owned and operated by retired knight Sir Ulion uth Alfric. The two story building is known for its giant rose painted on the outside of the building. It is frequented by many members of the knighthood and its interior displays many items from the knighthood.

The Jousting Grounds: This area is recognized by the tall bleachers that flank both sides of a long fence rail. The area is used daily by men training for the knighthood and on holidays jousting tournaments are held here. The headquarters for the Knights of Solamnia is also located underneath the northern bleachers.

Gunthar’s War College: This small university is situated on the northern side of the city. It was founded in one year after the death of Guthar uth Wistan and focuses on teaching its students the art of war. The college currently only accepts students who meet the minimum requirements of knowledge, weapon use, tactics, oratory and creativity. It currently has 1200 students enrolled in the program, many of which are seeking entry into the knighthood.


Grand Master Sir Michel Cataya: The current head of the order lives in Castle uth Wistan and is a native son of Markennan. He is known for his inability to be corrupted and the belief he has placed in the Oath and the Measure. A tall, thin man the Grand Master is known by his flashy smile and his ability to relate to any situation. It is widely rumored that the Grand Master travels abroad disguised as a common adventurer in hopes of learning more about the world.

General Jackson Kalkwarf: The General is a Knight of the Rose who has survived several recent campaigns of liberation. When not campaigning his residence is found in this city and is a plain unadorn two story townhouse which he shares with his wife and family. The middle age general has recently returned from preparations to retake Castle Eastwatch on Southern Ergoth.

Alonit’s Traveling Troupe: This group is a well renowned for its theatrical performances. Highly sought after the group has called the city its home for the last several years and currently is performing nightly at the Light of the Moon Opera House. Its most famous play is entitled “The Fall of Lucien”, which details the final days of the dead Highlord Lucien of Takar.

Sir Nil Stormshield: This Knight of the Sword serves as the primary recruiter for the knighthood. Living in quarters under the northern bleachers of the Jousting Field he is well known face of the community. A blond haired brawler, Nil is known for his quick temper and his honestly. He is also in charge of communicating with current High Clerist Gabriel Jhent who is currently living in Schallsea and relaying the information back to the Grand Master.


The leading port city of Sancrist this bustling town has exploded in the years since the arrival of the Dragon Overlords and the conclusion of the War of Souls. Once a sleepy quiet town many new buildings have been constructed as the town is second now only to Castle uth Wistan. With a large deep water port this is the primary destination of any ship sailing to Sancrist.


Tower of the High Warrior: This building is currently under construction and is being built near the harbor. Along with a seven story tower, the knights are also overseeing a two story wall to contain the harbor in case of an invasion by the Solamnic Empire. Once completed the tower will oversee the defenses of Isle as the steep cliffs along much of the isle provide protection from any invading forces.

Almen’s Plantations: Outside of Gavin lies a large farming plantation owned by the uth Almen family. This farm is famous for the annual fall “Feast of Apples” festival which celebrates the fall harvest. The farm is well known for its specialization in rare wines and ales.

Keybender’s Travels: This shop located in Gavin is a curiosity to most people in the community. Its contents are not very unusual as it has a collection of maps and odd items from all over Ansalon. What draws most people is meeting its proprietor an aging kender named, Talanth Keybender.

The Pavilion: This open aired market is located in the center of the community and operates most days of the week. Merchants travel to Gavin to sell their wares and it is not uncommon to have merchants from as far as Nordmaar journey to sell rare and exotic items. In the center of the market stands an undated statue of Vinas Solamnus.


High Warrior Gregory Hallack: He has set up residence in the city of Gavin to oversee the defenses of the community. Fearful of a possible invasion from the Solamnic Empire he has garrisoned a large number of troops. A short dark haired man, Hallack was given the title of High Warrior in the closing days of the War of Souls.

Talanth Keybender: The owner of Keybender’s Travels, this kender is a retired wanderer. Over his journeys Talanth’s shop has fascinating maps and items from all over Ansalon and things he found on the eastern shores of Goodlund that he claims are not from this continent. Many claim that these tales are mainly the dreams of an old kender.

Livvy Vingus: The owner of the Crown’s Inn, this young lady is a well-known figure of the community. She has several very interested suitors but has rejected them all. It is rumored that she and the Grand Master have recently traveled together.


This town is the secondary port for ships traveling from mainland Ansalon. While not as large as Gavin this town has a large ship building industry in it. The port is situated in a point in which the steep cliffs of Sancrist have a break in them allowing a natural road inland. It is rumored that Markennan was once a summer resort spot for Ergothian Senators prior to the Cataclysm.


Odil’s Baths: This place is well known for its hot spring fed baths. It has been rumored that these waters contain healing powers and that the Tears of Mishakal were poured into the waters. The building that baths are in is also rumored to be the oldest building on Sancrist.

Snot’s Tavern: The tavern is run by former Knight of the Crown, Sir Daavyd Nelgard. Known for its outlandish tavern contests this tavern is a three story building with a large interior courtyard. The tavern also houses an exotic zoo in the courtyard containing animals from all over Ansalon. The prized attraction is a meredrake imported from Kern.

The Rose Gardens: These gardens are located on the outskirts of Markennan and sprawl several acres. Visitors travel through the garden experiencing the many different forms of fauna found in Ansalon. In the center of the gardens is a stone keep that contains murals displaying the history of the Knighthood. The paintings have been done since the founding of the Knighthood until present day and contain both historical and mundane scenes.


Thomas Stonesword: The current caretaker of the Rose Gardens is an aging individual who is slowly going blind. While most people in his profession would panic about losing his sight, he concentrates on learning the feel of plants to continue his care of them. He is known to be a kind and honest individual who is unmarried but has several apprentices.

Mittigorn Dunbarth: He has been appointed as the mayor of the town because of his experience in shipbuilding. Born in Ergoth, Mittigorn grew up in a family that built ships for the Ergothian Navy. During the War of Souls he was assigned to be a liaison to the Knights in the hopes of constructing superior ships. It was during this time that he lived in Markennan and fell in love with the community. In the years since then he has expanded the family business to the community and has become influential businessman.

Lady Kristin Ladycandle: She is a Knight of the Rose and the current head of the garrison stationed in the city. A veteran of the War of Souls she is known for her shrewd demeanor. A strict follower of the Oath and the Measure she holds her soldiers to a high level of expectations. It is common to see her training side by side with her troops who she has won their respect and loyalty.


The quiet community of Pax is located in Thalin Bay and serves as a port for trade the Northern part of Ergoth. Not as busy as the ports in the south it is protected by the steep cliffs that surround the isle. Located at the mouth of a river it supports a bristling riverboat trade with Castle uth Wistan. At one time this location was considered the primary port of Gunthar but now this only holds true in times of storms.


Old Sea Mug: This inn is a small seaside inn that specializes in its fish stew. Travelers often seek out the inn as it is the only inn in Pax that has rooms in both human and demihuman sizes. It is also rumored that the cellars of the inn lead into ancient catacombs of Ergothian nobles.

Silton’s Tower: The tower is situated at the mouth of the river and is currently inhabited by a white robe wizard, Aldon the Seer. It is a white granite structure that legends tell of it being raised out of the ground by the Conclave of Wizards. While there has never been any truth to these stories it has become a local curiousity.

Nolyunt’s Dry Goods: This is the family home of the Nolyunt merchant family. The family invested heavily in creating several warehouses in the community during the Chaos War growing rich off of the profit. With the events of recent years of having the southern communities of Sancrist become the main trading ports this family has fallen on hard times. Many of the families buildings and holdings in the community sit vacate.


Derek Nolyunt: Is the patriarch of the Nolyunt family and owner of its businesses. This older human inherited the business from his father at its peak and has watched it slowly lose power over the years. He has grown fearful for his life as his more ambitious children have already begun to fight over the dwindling family fortune threatening ruin on all in Pax.

Karine Aurrafil: She is the local constable of the community. While there is a small garrison of soldiers in the community they are stationed there to protect the docks. Karine is commonly seen on patrol throughout the community. She is assisted by her deputies and is considered the leader of the local militia. Too young to take part in the War of Souls, Karine has seen her childhood town fall on hard times as most of the shipping has went south.

Rushio Daggerfall: He is a member of local town council and owns a cooperage. He blames the loss of shipping on the merchant families that “pried every lose coin a sailor had from them”. In council he is often outspoken on raising taxes on those families who caused the demise of the town.


This is a sleepy hamlet that is located on the northern side of Gunthar. While it has a port is lacks the deep water to bring in large ocean going vessels. Instead it is the home of the Lord Cavalry Barracks and Archery Ranges. The town is situated on top of high cliffs and uses cranes to transport goods up and down from the port.


Lord Cavalry Barracks and Archery Ranges: This training academy is a place where junior knights learn more about commanding troops in the field. The Barracks prides itself on creating proven leaders and pays homage to its past students such as General Jackson Kalkwarf, High Clerist Gabrial Jhent and High Warrior Gregory Hallack.

Stone’s Keep: This building houses a small garrison of troops under the command of Sir Tangaard Clinyc, Knight of the Crown. The keep also houses a very prominent library that contains works that were penned by some of Ansalon’s most famous scholars. It is also home to the Military Inventions and Research Company.

The Lancer’s Rest: This inn is located only a few blocks from Stone’s Keep. Famous for its displaying of Solamnic shields and crests, it is often a place where visitors flock to during graduation weekends from the Barracks. The inn is owned and operated by Michelle Vardis, a widower of the War of Souls.


Lady Chatara Delane: Knight of the Rose is the current head of the Military Inventions and Research Company. The short, middle aged woman is perhaps one of the most creative minds in all of Gunthar. It is rumored that she has dozens of sketchbooks of potential inventions.

Sir Auston Crownguard: Knight of the Sword is the grandson of Derek Crownguard and current head of the Barracks. Students describe him as a caring, strict individual that would sit down and take the time to share your joys and sorrows, but also hold all knights by the same Oath and Measure. Crownguard is a married, middle aged knight who is passionate about following in the footsteps of his hero, Sturm Brightblade.


Forests of Gunthar: This region is the heartland of Gunthar and while a forest it is has been planted and replanted several times in the history of Isle of Sancrist. Farms and small villages dot the landscape and provide supplies needed by the communities.

Whitestone Mountains: The Whitestone Glade is located in this mountain range. It is also home to a small colony of dwarves who have arrived at the request of the Grand Master.

Adventure sites and plots:

Castle Hammerhand: This castle, located in the Whitestone Mountains, was once the seat of power for the Hammerhand family. On the night of the Great Storm this castle received the brunt of several lighting strikes and an earthquake. All inside the castle perished that night and the area around it became prone to rockslides. It is rumored that the dead of the castle do not rest easy.

The Knight’s Sword: In the Barracks every spring the Knight’s Sword competition is held. Here competitors try to earn the use of the fabled blade for one year, to return it the prior year. Last year’s champion fell leading an expeditionary force to scout out Castle Eastwatch in Southern Ergoth. This year’s contest involves traveling to Southern Ergoth to retrieve the sword.


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