Traveler’s Guide to Gateway

History: The town of Gateway was built in the turbulent years following the Cataclysm. It was a gathering spot for refuges as it was situated on a crossroad. As refuges flocked into the area, they began to settle in the secure location. With traffic flowing from all over the area, the refuges began to build structures to meet the needs. Within a generation the settlement was known to travelers as the gateway into Abanasia from the south.

The settlement was first called Gateway in 21 AC by the Mayor Pellanis Corvus at a town council. With a growing market the town was well becoming prosperous. It was during this period that a group called the Seekers began to arrive in the area. The Seekers were a group of former clerics who had begun to establish schools in the villages of Abanasia. They were trying to help rebuild the area and provide guidance to the population.

Over the course of the next 200 hundred years the town steadily grew in its population. One of the main disadvantages of the community was that it had built its buildings on the ground rather than neighboring Solace. This led to major raids every twenty years which resulted in mass destruction of the village.

In 289 AC the Seekers began to instill themselves more into the government of the town. Within a few years the town council was dominated by those associated with the Seeker faith. As the community began to become more focused on the religion changes began to creep in. Once where travelers were once welcomed with open arms now they were questioned in the community. The Seeker religion drove many to seek new areas to trade.

During the War of the Lance the town was razed once again as the Red Dragonarmy moved through the area. The survivors did as generations before them had done, to rebuild what was destroyed. A low wall was built around the town after the war to deal with the raids from the former Dragonarmies. Also the Seekers were no longer an influence in the area and the town for the first time in decades was able to elect a council and mayor free from the influence of the group.

Over the course of the next 50 years the community grew and shrank with the economy of the area. As the area was well traveled post War of the Lance the community swelled its ranks as travelers from all over Abanasia were moving through the area. On the contrary during the reign of the Dragon Overlords the community shrank as it proximity to Qualinost caused citizens and travelers to avoid the area. In the time post War of the Souls the community continues to struggle and has fallen ender partial rule of Solace.

Districts in Gateway:

The Market: This area is the most well-known district. Market days occur three days out of the month in which over 50 markets flock to the area to share their wares. Travelers come as far as Haven to buy products and it is said that nearly any item can be located there. The market is located in the center of Haven in an open plaza.

The Wall: Residents of Gateway consider any area lying within the low walls to be in this district. The district holds many of the long term residents and most of the buildings are the oldest in the community.

The Outlands: This district is any area lying outside the low walls. Most residents of this area live in lean to structures and are avoided by the older residents in the community. This area is home to many of the refuges of the War of Souls those who fled the destruction of Qualinost.

Buildings in Gateway:

The Market:

This is an open air market that houses 100 stalls for merchants. At its height the market would be crowded with merchants selling from nearby areas in the town. With the recent developments in the area may merchants have begun to seek other communities. The dangers that are found in nearby Qualinost have caused the market to dwindle to fewer the 50 merchants.

The Steel Piece:

This building is the oldest inn located in Gateway. The structure is a three story stone building that withstood the dragonarmy destruction of the town. It is run by Stan Whiteguard and rarely has a free room for the night. This inn is also famous for its Dragon Stew that is rumored to be made from dragons.

Seeker’s Ruins:

The area that once housed the offices and learning centers of the Seekers has lied in ruin since the War of the Lance. These building were built 50 years after the Cataclysm and it is rumored that they contained an extensive catacomb system. There were at one time 6 buildings located in the area but all of them lie in ruins.

People in Gateway:

Saul uth Mitar:

The current mayor of Gateway is a veteran of the War of Souls. He was a footman in the forces outside of Sanction and after the war traveled to Gateway to settle down. The current mayor is a liaison between Gateway and its protectorate town of Solace. He currently lives in the city offices in the mayor’s wing (which is the back of the city office building).

Sherris Dearman:

This woman runs the only smith located in Gateway. She was trained by the dwarves of Hillhome and settled into the town 4 years prior to the War of Souls. Residents of the community comment that she is honest but a bit of a gossip and seems to know more news about the community then the barkeeps.

Rogate Wheeler:

He is the current Master of the Market, a title that at one time was considered prestigious. Rogate is known as a petty, two timing con artist by many in Gateway. All merchants who wish to sell their wares inside of the market must deal with this figure.

Possible Adventure Sites and Plots:

The Seeker’s Ruins: Located in the northern part of town, these ruins have lied empty since the War of the Lance. Residents have reported that sounds come from these buildings during Spring Dawning. Adventurers who have traveled into the catacombs frequently turn up missing or unwilling to talk about their experiences. It is rumored that not all of the Seekers went quietly into the night.

Decreasing Profits: The market of the community is a skeleton of itself. It is thought that the market has become cursed and that it is keeping the merchants at bay. At night people have reported seeing strange figures in dark clothing in the middle of the market and in the morning it is not uncommon to see burnt ground in the area.

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