Traveler’s Guide to Digfel (Abanisinia)

Traveler’s Report on Digfel

The small mining town of Digfel is located south of Que-Shu on the Abanasinia peninsula. This town has recently come under the rule of Baron Samuval’s forces. What was once a quiet peaceful community has become one that is focused on producing trade. The local mines in the area were seized by Samuval and considered his property.


The founding of Digfel falls in the turbulent years following the Cataclysm. Prior to this the mines in the area supplied materials to the city of Xak Tsaroth and a small settlement was located outside of the mines. When the great upheaval struck the land, this area was not spared. Many of the mines of the region collapsed and the small settlement itself was swallowed by the earth.

Residents of the now ruined city of Xak Tsaroth fled to this area believing that the mountains would serve as protection from the sudden arrival of the sea. Arriving at what they believed was a safe point they were dismayed to discovered that the mining town was gone. With winter setting in the refugees had little choice but to try to salvage what they could from the area.

During those first few years the refugees turned their tent camp into stone buildings. They also began to go back into the mines at first seeking discarded items, but later for the small qualities of metals. With the old building site the refugees began to dig down locating for the original settlement and supplies. This area of the community was referred to as the Digging Field. Overtime the community itself was simply referred to as Digfel by the few outside traders (mainly dwarves) who ventured there.

For the next four centuries this community has quietly existed. With little strategic importance the Dragon Armies did not visit the area when they conquered Abanasinia. Even when the gods returned the community has little change and it wouldn’t be until post War of Souls that this place experience the traumas having taken place across the lands.

In the early days of Baron Samuval’s empire building, delegates of his visited the community. Their offer was to arrange protection from any outside forces that were seeking to harm the place. The residents of Digfel welcomed the protection as they viewed that they needed protection from the constant upheaval.

Within days in 427 AC the community learned the price it had to pay for that protection. No longer were the small mines owned by private individuals instead Samuval’s men insisted that they were now part of the greater empire. This empire (Samuval’s) is destined to rule all of the lands of former Qualinost and the Abananinsia peninsula according to his appointed leaders.

In the years since the arrival of the Baron, the once quiet mining town is now in full swing. Seeing the advantage of owning the source of iron and building a foundry in the community the town is now full of Samuval’s troops. Local residents have either resigned that themselves to their fate or have fled to Gateway. Little local resistance to Samuval can be found in the community.


One Eyed Goblin Alehouse: This business has been in operation since just after the founding of the town. The structure was one of the first ones built following the Cataclysm and is located in the heart of the community. The alehouse can house around 40 individuals and most weekends it is usually half full. During the week only a few people are found here. It is currently run by a male widower, Thomas Springale.

Samuval’s Compound: Located in the western part of the town on the road leading to the minds this place houses the barracks, offices and foundry of the Baron. At any given time there are 100 people in the place doing a variety of jobs. Routine patrols are sent from here and search north looking for other possible settlements to “protect”. The foundry produces material that is redistributed throughout Samuval’s military.

The Shrine: Located in the north from the town is the original mining settlement. Although it was originally buried during the Cataclysm, the residents of Digfel have uncovered much of it. One of the few buildings they found intact was a small temple to Mishakal. When the gods returned during the War of the Lance an elderly woman, Earline Lonere moved into the temple to care for it. It has been since then run by a priestess of the faith, the current priestess is Sister Maline. It has been rumored that the Shrine contains older documents, some rumored to be thousands of years old, which are said to be in the vault.


Simon Moorgath [LE male human fighter 6, expert 4]: Simon currently oversees Samuval’s operations in this area. Living in the compound he is rarely seen in the community, although he makes frequent trips to the mine site. It is also known that he has little tolerance for those who break the law. Most citizens of Digfel fear his presence and are relieved to know he rarely leaves the compound.

Sister Maline Starsky [LG female civilized human Cleric of Mishakal 5]: Sister Maline is currently living alone in the Shrine. She is the sole caretaker of the site and is seeking an apprentice. In her 30’s she has knowledge of some of the items in her care but has been seeking individuals to venture into the Catacombs. She lives in fear of Moorgath and does not travel to the community often.

Ander Falirus [ LG male civilized human fighter 5]: Ander is the current head of the resistance movement in the area. Although the community itself has not supported Ander’s or his men, he continues to do what he can to limit the Baron’s means to produce arms and equipment. Living in the ruins of a collapsed mine he is a veteran of the War of Souls and rumor has it he was a brawler during the war. How he came to be against Samuval is unknown but many speculate it has to do with past dealings during the War of Souls. He or one of his men can be found at times in the One Eyed Goblin Alehouse.

Adventure Sites and Plots:

Mercy for a Sister: Sister Maline is trying to recruit anyone who could possibly check out her catacombs. These tunnels beneath her building are filled with horrendous moans and scratching. This has been kept a secret from the citizens of Digfel as it was at first, when Earline Lonere, lived a very slight noise heard a few times a year. Recently though the noise sounds likes someone is trying to dig into the series of small rooms connected by a few tunnels.

Unknown to Sister Maline is that the temple has more undiscovered catacombs located underneath it. These catacombs were the shelter to many of the residents of the community in the days following the Cataclysm. Many of them were tricked into this fate by a thief who was hoping to capitalize on the event. The thief had appeared to the community as a messenger of the gods and stated all would understand what is happening by traveling to the lowest levels.

As they traveled to the lower levels and the thief began to rob the houses an earthquake struck, swallowing up the entire community. The citizens themselves angered by the trickery swore vengeance as the tunnels collapsed killing them. It has taken centuries for the undead to work themselves close to the surface seeking to kill the thief.

Raiding the Compound: A few days ago Ander lost all but two of his men in a raid by the Baron’s forces. One of his former comrades, Omar Whistler [LE, civilized human male, Ftr 3], was a spy employed by Simon. Fearful for his men’s lives Ander is desperately seeking a way to enter the compound. With much of his equipment captured or destroyed he has little resources and needs to recruit help. He does have a rough drawn sketch of the compound and believes he has a couple of ideas of how to enter.

He has observed several supply wagon conveys traveling to and from the compound. These conveys do arrive only once every week and have 10 wagons in them. Ander’s believes that since they arrive around noon that they must camp nearby. If they could discover the campsite they could potentially take over a wagon and pose as drivers.

Also Ander’s has observed that there are areas that a small group could travel up to the compound unnoticed. To the east of the compound lies a shallow wetland with tall reeds. This would allow an individual to travel within 100 yards of the outer wall. Once there the rocky ground could possible conceal individuals up to the wall.

Unknown to Ander is that his men are not in the compound any longer. Those that were taken in the raid were either killed or sent to Samuval. Only three men were sent via wagon to the Baron’s Headquarters in Haven. They are being transported by men under the command of Omar. If the party discovers the information soon enough they would be able to intercept the group prior to its arrival in Haven.

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