Traveler’s Guide to Crossing

Traveler’s Report on Crossing

The town of Crossing sits on the northernmost point of the Abanasia peninsula. It is a town known for its connections to Solamnia as it provides a ferry route. Situated on a natural deep water harbor, the town is one of the main destinations for merchants traveling to the area.


In the years prior to the Cataclysm the location that would become Crossing was nothing more than a low point in the area. It was an unremarkable location that was settled by a few shepherds tending their flocks. No one imagined that this spot would one day become home to one of the largest towns in Abanasia.

With the Cataclysm, trade became very difficult to commence. With the increase in pirates and bandits it became clear to the surviving cities that a safe port needed to be created in Abanasia. It would be merchant houses located in Caergpth that would discover the harbor.

At first Crossing was no more than an unloading point for ships. A simple tent town that was flanked by warehouses. Unfortunately with trade goods flowing into the area, other kinds of people followed. In the turbulent century after the Catalcysm it became clear that it would take more then just a few sailors to guard the stored goods.

With Caergoth itself becoming a target from mobs seeking food, shelter and placing the blame on the knighthood, Crossing found itself alone. With no government to fall back on, the town quickly fell into chaos. The merchant houses that remained in the town quickly began to hire guards and toss the representatives of Caergoth on the first ferry north.

These merchants stylized themselves as princes and adopted the name Scales Society. They would oversee until present day the activities of every merchant and tradesmen takes part in contributing to the defense of the city. This has allowed an increase to the city’s defenses as it boasts a large militia and a navy.


The town of Crossing has three districts. They are the harbor, warehouse and the merchant house districts. The harbor encompasses all areas around the port and ship builders in the area. The warehouse district is the smallest but the rows of buildings are often well guarded and busy throughout the day. The merchant houses is the main part of the town, this part includes the various merchant compounds, shops and living areas of the townspeople.


Prince’s Hole:

This tavern is a well renowned establishment in the town. It is an upscale port of call in the Harbor District and is frequented by ship captains. This building is a three story with the top floor the living quarters of its owner, a half elf named Turk Bluewaters.

The Scale’s House:

The building is gray stoned, two story building in the warehouse. In the building the government offices are located as well as the barracks for city watch. In the basement of the building are several cells for prisoners. The Merchant Princes hold council on the second floor and they meet every Tuesday.

The Burning Bow:

Is a tavern that is frequented by sailors and day laborers. The furnishings of the place are items salvaged from sunken ships and is very mismatched. The smoky interior attracts a wide variety of people and the tavern is known as place to make deals that are not to be noticed by the Scale’s Society.

People of Crossing:

Ronik Gulonor: Ronik is a human that is the current leader of the Cloth Hats, a society made up of the Merchant Princes and part of the Scale’s Society. He has been in charge of Guloner’s Spices since shortly after the Chaos War. Hard of hearing and often living in the past, he is the senior most member of the council.

Jaz Onelight: Jaz is a human that is a petty criminal with ties to the local thieves guild. Often frequenting the Burning Bow he constantly has schemes that will allow him to become one of the influential members of the town. He is known for his trademark gold tooth which he proudly shows off to the barmaids.

Sergeant Thomas Lonin: The Sarge is known as the taskmaster for the council. All individuals deemed needed for the defense of the town are drafted into the militia for a period of ten days. Lonin is the appointed overseers to all of the “volunteers” and often assigns them beach patrolling duty looking for pirate campouts and potential bandit hideouts.

Possible Adventure Sites and Plots:

The Patrol: The party has found themselves drafted into the militia of Crossing. They have been given an assignment by Sergeant Lonin to seek out potential pirate camping areas nearby. The party boards a ship and travels for a few days down the coast. Arriving at a location believed to be inhabited by pirates the party is dropped off with their militia escort. What they uncover is much more than a few pirates. The group has discovered a deadly cult of Morgion and they have captured a merchant family.

Jaz’s Scheme: Several of the local warehouses have been broken into. Nothing of important has been taken from these places, mainly offices have been ransacked and a few trinkets taken. The city watch is loss as to why someone would waste the time to break in and not steal anything. What the watch has overlooked is that the warehouses are all owned by Vernot Julip, a proprietor of jewelry is a part owner. Jaz has discovered a shipment of jewelry coming into the ports. He is unsure of what ship it is on and is seeking out information desperately. Can the party solve the mystery and discover the culprit in time.

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