Trapian of the White Robes

Male Civilized Human Wizard 4/White Robe 3
Strength 11 Fortitude +3 Armor Class 16
Dexterity 14 Reflex +4 Flat-footed AC 14
Constitution 13 Will +7 Touch AC 12
Intelligence 17 Alignment LG Base Attack +3
Wisdom 15 Speed 30 Melee Attack +3
Charisma 13 Initiative +2 Ranged Attack +5
Hit Points 24 Size Medium


Proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff; moon magic; tower resources; item of power (bracers of armor +3); arcane research +1; order secret (Magic of Radiance 1/day)


Concentration +11, Craft (alchemy) +13, Diplomacy +6, Knowledge (arcana) +14, Knowledge (religion) +9, Profession (artist) +6, Spellcraft +16


Brew Potion, Combat Casting, Craft Wand, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (evocation), Still Spell


Common, Hill Dwarf, Magius, Plainsman, Solamnic


Wizard Spells Prepared (4/5/4/3/1; save DC 13 + spell level, 14 + spell level for evocation): 0—acid splash, dancing lights, light, ray of frost; 1st—burning hands, magic weapon, shield, shocking grasp, spider climb; 2nd—acid arrow, bear’s endurance, darkness, scorching ray; 3rd—fireball, greater magic weapon, slow; 4th—wall of fire.

Spellbook: 0—all cantrips; 1st—animate rope, burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, magic weapon, shield, shocking grasp, spider climb. 2nd— acid arrow, bear’s endurance, darkness, daylight, knock, scorching ray. 3rd—dispel magic, fireball, greater magic weapon, slow. 4th—confusion, dimension door, wall of fire.


Quarterstaff +3 melee (1d6/x2) or dagger +3 (1d4/19-20)


Quarterstaff, bracers of armor +3, ring of protection +1, wand of magic missile (caster level 1st, 30 ch.), wand of knock (caster level 3rd, 35 ch.), potion of endurance, potion of spider climb, potion of cure moderate wounds (x3), white robes, traveling spellbook, pouches of components, dagger, leather boots

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