Top Ten Rejected Dragonlance Items

10. Wormslayer: Does exactly what it says. Boot heel found to be more effective.

9. Plastic Arm of Ergoth: Cheap, but tended to melt when placed too close to the forge.

8. The Backscratcher of Magius: After making the staff, there was one bronze dragon’s claw left over.

7. The Three and a Half inch Disks of Mishakal: Not IBM compatible? No religious enlightenment!

6. Shield of Humor (Huma): Painted to look like a target. Real funny.

5. Flute of Wind: No fun for anyone. Not to be used near a fire.

4. Hummer of Kharas: Useless after it ran out of petrol.

3. Dalamar’s Bracelet and Matching Negligee: Can only be worn by those who are evil – and don’t wish to be taken seriously.

2. Bupu’s Semi-Precious Quartz Crystal: Hurt when thrown. One use only.

1. Library Book of Fistandantilus: Overdue. 300 years overdue. Late fine equal to the Gross National Product of Ansalon.

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