Top Ten Reasons You Should Always Keep a Kender in Your Party

The following is the top 10 reasons you should always keep a kender in you party:
1. The army you just met runs away in terror.
2. The army you just met attacks the kender so you can run away or attack them from behind.
3. Though you may be paralyzed by dragon fear, the kender can still act. (It’s up to you to decide if this is a blessing or a curse.)
4. Things never get boring.
5. If you loose something, you can count on the kender to “find” it for you.
6. When the mage can’t find the component to cast the fireball spell against your party, thank your kender. (Now let’s see what the kender does with it.)
7. No matter how bad things get, the kender can always look on the bright side.
8. The kender has a child-like innocence.
9. Count on the kender to find the thingamabob to open the watchamacallit.
10. Paladine loves cripples, children and kender.

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    Idiot kender. Running off with a dead old man.

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