Tobril Issue 1: November 2002

Tobril #1 Cover

  • Ancient KrynnBakali Summoning Jars, by John Grubber
    Recently uncovered writings by scholar Iago Tomasi shed light on the elusive Bakali and the ancient magic they possess.
  • Kender CornerKender Wizards, by Sean Macdonald
    The stoutest hearts tremble in fear at the mere suggestion: kender wizards, and how to integrate them into a Dragonlance campaign. Be afraid.
  • Player’s ArsenalFaith Feats, by Luis De Pippo & Richard Connery
    A massive selection of new feats designed specifically to add flavor to Krynnish priests.
  • Ansalonian GazetteerKharolis, by Terry Doetzel
    Everything a DM needs to present an authentic picture of this wind-swept principality to his players.
  • Behind the ScreenThe Classics: Players and PC’s, by Bradley Potts
    First in a series of articles aimed at helping stressed DM’s run the original DL modules.
  • Community SpotlightTobin’s Miniatures, by Tobin Melroy
    Tobin Melroy opens the doors on his Dragonlance minis.
  • Guest ForumLong Live the Lance!, by Trampas Whiteman
    Whitestone Council founder Trampas Whiteman ruminates on handing the reins of 3rd Edition Dragonlance to Sovereign Press.


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  • Memorable Quotes

    What do I see? I see time as it affects all things. Human flesh withers and dies before my eyes. Flowers bloom, only to fade away. Trees drop green leaves, never to regain them. In my sight, it’s always winter, always night.

    — Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Winter Night