Tobril Issue 1: November 2002

Tobril #1 Cover

  • Ancient KrynnBakali Summoning Jars, by John Grubber
    Recently uncovered writings by scholar Iago Tomasi shed light on the elusive Bakali and the ancient magic they possess.
  • Kender CornerKender Wizards, by Sean Macdonald
    The stoutest hearts tremble in fear at the mere suggestion: kender wizards, and how to integrate them into a Dragonlance campaign. Be afraid.
  • Player’s ArsenalFaith Feats, by Luis De Pippo & Richard Connery
    A massive selection of new feats designed specifically to add flavor to Krynnish priests.
  • Ansalonian GazetteerKharolis, by Terry Doetzel
    Everything a DM needs to present an authentic picture of this wind-swept principality to his players.
  • Behind the ScreenThe Classics: Players and PC’s, by Bradley Potts
    First in a series of articles aimed at helping stressed DM’s run the original DL modules.
  • Community SpotlightTobin’s Miniatures, by Tobin Melroy
    Tobin Melroy opens the doors on his Dragonlance minis.
  • Guest ForumLong Live the Lance!, by Trampas Whiteman
    Whitestone Council founder Trampas Whiteman ruminates on handing the reins of 3rd Edition Dragonlance to Sovereign Press.


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  • Memorable Quotes

    And for most of those days, he was not a knight. Or rather, he was a knight where it meant the most – in spirit, in heart, not some official list.

    — Laurana Kanan, Dragons of Winter Night