Three Heads, One Plan, Inspired by Malystryx


Wizards of the Coast has released a preview of Calastryx, a three-headed red dragon appearing in the upcoming Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale. Name sound familiar? It should. Matthew L. Martin got the scoop from Mike Mearls that the name was inspired by Dragonlance’s Malystryx! Read more about it in this thread.

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  1. that is cool, are there any links to how they are doing the orders of magic, right now i am fan making rules for a wizard and sorcerer arctypes, dragonlance magic style.

    the funny part is im using 4e maps,fallcrest,and adventures to make a custom dragonlance campain setting. as well i might toss in some pathfinder stuff i have to make custom dungeons.

    p.s any suggestions would be wonderfull. also were there any ideas that didn’t get published for the Nentir vale, id love to hear them

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