The Most EPIC Kitiara Cosplay of All Time

“Most cosplayers have that one cosplay that is their dream build, and for me that cosplay is Kitiara, riding on her dragon Skie. Kitiara is a character from the Dragonlance Saga, a series of books that got me through my youth and helped build my love for fantasy.

With the help of the Artyfakes team we brought Kitiara to life where I debuted her at London’s MCM expo. We are still busy building her 16ft. ride-on dragon. It’s our biggest task yet with lots of challenges facing us. We can’t wait to bring them together!”

Photos by Super Cosplay Girls and SuperHero Photography by Adam Jay.

About Tabitha Lyons

Tabitha Lyons is an amazing cosplayer who has brought numerous characters to life, including our own Kitiara Uth Matar!
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  1. Amazing. I love what you have done. Kit is incredible. I love her so much. Keep smiling a crooked smile. And keep up the good work.

  2. This is fantastic. I sure wish I saw more Dragonlance cosplays!

    • Trevor, I’m trying to get some things in place to get more Dragonlance cosplay on the site. Keep watching!

  3. Kitiara S. Jones

    This is awesome, i was looking through stuff about he character i’m named after. it’s awesome. My mom named me Kitiara skie and she named my brother Steel Blade (taking off bright) this cosplay is one of the best i’ve seen, keep up the great work

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