The Legionnaire Death Hymn

Send this warriors soul to rest
Beyond the flames of dragonbreath;
Armor him in love and faith
And save him from the grips of death
Save him from the Dark Queen’s grasp
And send him to eternity,
Beyond the claws of dragonkind
And let him live eternally
Upon the thrones of the true gods
Where only Chaos remembers death,
Where silver dragons ever fly,
Beyond the flames of dragonbreath,
And let my love for him arise,
Beyond the star-crossed, onyx skies.

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    Finally, in your madness and desperation, you will grab the tail of your existance and, like a starving snake, devour yourself whole in an effort to find food for your soul. But you will find nothing but emptiness. And you will continue to exist forever within this emptiness – a tiny spot of nothing, sucking in everything around itself to feed your endless hunger…

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