The Last Trial – Russian Dragonlance Musical

The Last Trial (ПредПоследнее Испытание) is a Russian musical based on the “Dragonlance Legends” Trilogy.

The Last Trial Poster


Composer: Anton Kruglov
Lyricist: Elena Hanpira


  • Astinus – Chronicle – Vladimir Antonik, theater and film actor
  • Takhisis – Goddess of Darkness – Natalia O’Shea (Helavisa), leader of the “Mill”
  • Krisan – Light Priestess – Elena Hanpira (Miriam), the leader of “Tol Miriam”
  • Raistlin – Wizard – Anton Kruglov (Saruman)
  • Caramon – Brother sorcerer – Roman tinsel
  • Kingpriest – Fedor Resurrection – the leader of “Tintal”
  • Dalamar – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Vlad Stekunov
  • Archmage – Nikita Koledin, theater “Temple”
  • Guard in prison – Pavel Rumyantsev (group “Tol Miriam”)
  • Temptress in “Nightmare” – Irina Kruglov (Ayre)
  • Children’s voices in the “Nightmare” – Barbara Kruglov, named Arkady


Percussion – Dmitry Frolov, Dmitry Krivenkov
Solo Guitar – Alexander Petukhov, Sergei Grizzly



  1. You can find English translations on the Krynn Sub youtube channel!

  2. Wonderful work. Hope one day there will be a DVD, and a English singed version. Far for now, all artists had made a fantastic work together to create something I hope will last many, many years.

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