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Tasslehoff’s Pouches of Everything is your one-stop shop for all things Dragonlance and Krynn for D&D 5th Edition. During our journey through the people, organizations, monsters and magic of our favorite continent Ansalon; Uncle Tas will be your guide. Tas’ life is easily one of the most storied of anyone from Krynn. He has traveled through time and space, and done things that defy even the wildest of kender tales. That’s why we’ve recruited him to give us insight about every aspect of the world we love!

About Chuck Martinell

A long time Dragonlance contributor and host of the Dragonlance Canticle.
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  1. This is a wonderful resource that’s going to be tremendously useful. It does seem that the Knight of Solamnia fighter subclass is missing its level 18 feature set. Any chance of getting a quick update on that?

  2. Amazing resource! Would it be possible to create a printer-friendly version (without backgrounds)? That saves on ink.

  3. Excellent content. Any chance of POD?

    • No the Nexus can’t print on demand. If you find a printer I can send a high end document but it will be about a gigabyte of data for the pdf.

  4. Hi, all right, I’m the leader of a Brazilian fan translation group called Toca do Coruja (Owl Hole) and I’m very interested in translating this material and making it available to Portuguese. Who do I talk to about this?

  5. This is great! At the start of the pandemic I was talked into running a game and chose to make my own 5E rules to create a game set in Krynn, specifically my party is dealing with various shadowy figures in and around Istar during the reign of Beldinas. I figure what better way to introduce them to the Cataclysm than to experience it, or maybe even prevent it. I really look forward to how you handle arcane magic and the uniqueness of Krynn’s moon magic vs wild magic, not to mention comparing homebrews like how I created kender and their hoopaks.

  6. This is a great resource. I’m running a DragonLance game with my kids. So this is very useful.

    Thanks for all your hard work

  7. Where could one get this high quality PDF?

  8. Just found this site. AWESOME, thank you thank you thank you.

  9. I’m curious if anyone has created homebrew files for DNDBeyond based on this? There are already dozens of entries for the race Kender (for example) and it is very difficult to tell if any are designed based on the information of this supplement.

  10. Will there be a hard backed source book in publication that can be bought? If so when and where?

  11. Holy crap! I was inspired by the release of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons to try my hand at converting DL to 5e and low and behold, someone has already done it! I can’t wait to dive into this bad boy.

  12. Hi, is the high res pdf still available for download? I’d like to have a printed copy. I sent an email 2 weeks ago to the address mentioned above but never got a reply.


  13. I’ll Echo Kin, is there a high res PDF available? Got that DL bug. Been diving back into it. Really wanted to start up a 3.5 game with all my sourcebooks, but thinking of dabbling in 5e. This would be amazing.

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