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Deities of Taladas

The people of Taladas and the idols that they venerate are very different to those of Ansalon. Can these truly be the same gods? The colourful religions of these lands are detailed within.

Deity Alignment Domains Typical Worshipers
Mislaxa Lawful good Good, Healing, Protection, Trickery Humans, kender, monks, paladins, rangers
Qu’uan Lawful good Law, Protection, Strength, War Humans, fighters, paladins, rangers
Sea Lord Neutral good Air, Sun, Travel, Water Elves, druids, rangers
Supreme Forces Lawful good Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection Monks, paladins
Greylord Neutral Knowledge, Magic, Sun Druids, monks, wizards
Jijin Neutral Animal, Healing, Plant, Protection Humans, barbarians, druids, rangers
Nuran Neutral Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic Gnomes, bards, fighters, monks, rogues
Reorx Neutral Earth, Law, Strength, War Dwarves, gnomes, kender, fighters, illusionists
Udras Neutral Chaos, Fire, Knowledge, Luck Gnomes, illusionists, sorcerers
Erestem Lawful evil Death, Evil, Healing, Trickery Fighters, sorcerers, dragons
Sargas Lawful evil Destruction, Law, Strength, Trickery Fighters, rogues, wizards, minotaurs
Hiteh Chaotic evil Chaos, Death, Magic, Trickery Barbarians, fighters
Zeboim Chaotic evil Animal, Chaos, and Water Orughi, barbarians, sailors
Spirits of Magic See below Chaos, Knowledge, Magic Sorcerers, wizards
Highlord Unknown Luck, Protection, Sun Humans

Deities by Region and Race

Region/Race Deities
Armach Hiteh, Mislaxa, Sea Lord
Bakali Jijin, or by class and alignment
Baltch Greylord, Sea Lord
Draconians Hiteh, or by class and alignment
Dragons Erestem, or by alignment
Fire Minions Erestem, Hiteh
Gnomes Erestem, Hiteh, Mislaxa, Reorx, Udras
Hobgoblins Erestem, Hiteh, or by class and alignment
The League Greylord, Hiteh, Nuran, Reorx, Sargas, Sea Lord
Minotaurs Sargas, or by class and alignment
Rainward Isles Mislaxa, Reorx
Tamire tribes Jijin, Mislaxa, Qu’uan, or by class and alignment
Thenol Hiteh, Mislaxa, or by class and alignment

Deities by Class

Class Deities (Alignment)
Fighters Qu’uan (LG), Reorx (N), Erestem (LE), Sargas (LE), Hiteh (CE)
Barbarians Jijin (N), Hiteh (CE), Zeboim (CE)
Paladins Mislaxa (LG), Qu’uan (LG), Supreme Forces (LG)
Rangers Mislaxa (LG), Qu’uan (LG), Sea Lord (NG), Jijin (N)
Wizards Spirits of Magic (LG, N, LE), Greylord (N), Sargas (LE)
Illusionists Reorx (N), Udras (N)
Necromancers Hiteh (CE)
Sorcerers Spirits of Magic (LG, N, LE), Udras (N), Erestem (LE)
Clerics Any
Druids Sea Lord (NG), Greylord (N), Jijin (N)
Rogues Nuran (N), Sargas (LE)
Bards Nuran (N)
Monks Mislaxa (LG), Supreme Forces (LG), Greylord (N), Nuran (N)

Cults of Taladas


The dark goddess of dragons, Erestem, is lawful evil. Her other names include Mwarg (hobgoblin) and Takhisis (Ansalon). Erestem is a malicious, dominating deity who seeks to bring the world under her control and the control of her dragons. As a god of dragons, hatred, and war, she is worshiped by fighters, sorcerers, and warlords. The domains she is associated with are Death, Evil Healing, and Trickery. Her holy symbol is a black crescent. The heavy mace is her favoured weapon.


The god of meditation, learning, and time, Greylord, is neutral. He is associated with the gods named Gilean and Zivilyn in Ansalon, but has few titles in Taladas. Greylord is unknown outside of the cities of Southern Hosk and the writings of the Mischta. His worshipers include monks, druids, and wizards. The domains he is associated with are Knowledge, Magic, and Sun. His holy symbol is an open book. The quarterstaff is his favoured weapon.


The abstract supreme god, Highlord, is beyond good and evil, law and chaos. Some humans, such as the Glass Sailors, worship the Highgod as the supreme force behind all other deities, and the ruler of Paradise. The domains he is associated with are Luck, Protection, and Sun. His holy symbol is the sun. His favoured weapon is the longsword.


The god of deceit, wealth, and tyrants, Hiteh, is chaotic evil. He is called Hith in Thenol, Usa the Mighty in Armach, Usk-Do by the hobgoblins, and Hiddukel in Ansalon. Barbarians, fighters, and necromancers favour Hiteh, and he is the master of Hitehkel. Ogres, hobgoblins, and fire minions worship him in savage lands. The domains he is associated with are Chaos, Death, Magic, and Trickery. His unholy symbol is a human skull. His favoured weapon is a morningstar.


The supreme goddess of the natural world, Jijin, is neutral. She is known as Siarlass the Scaled One by the bakali and Chislev in Ansalon. She is especially influential in the human tribes of the Tamire, where her religion is associated with the horse. Barbarians, rangers, and druids worship her. The domains she is associated with include Animal, Healing, Plant, and Protection. Her holy symbol is an animal’s fang. Her favoured weapon is the flail (heavy or light).


The secretive goddess of healing, Mislaxa, is lawful good. She is known by this name throughout most of Taladas, except in Armach (where she is named Ildamar the Earthspirit) and Ansalon (where her name is Mishakal). Mislaxa is universally portrayed as a stranger in brown robes. Mislaxa’s worshippers include good monks, paladins, and rangers, and they always act in utmost secrecy lest their mystery cult be discovered. The domains she is associated with are Good, Healing, Protection, and Trickery. Her holy symbol is a blue infinity symbol. Her favoured weapon is the quarterstaff.


Nuran, the goddess of trade, industry, and civilisation, is neutral. She is known as the Victorious, and her temples of trade are found in the League cities and Baltch. Nuran is named Shinare in Ansalon. Her worshipers include bards, monks, and rogues, gnomes, as well as merchants and bureaucrats of all types. The domains she is associated with are Knowledge, Law, Luck, and Magic. Her holy symbol is a ceremonial mace. Her favoured weapon is the rapier.


The god of justice and manhood, Qu’uan, is lawful good. His title is “The Warrior,” and he is known as Kiri-Jolith in Ansalon. Qu’uan is worshiped primarily by the fighters, paladins, and rangers of the Tamire, although his priests can be found elsewhere from time to time. His favoured weapon is the longsword, and the domains that he is associated with are Law, Protection, Strength, and War. His holy symbol is a horn.


The god of the forge, Reorx, is neutral. He is known to be the creator of the mortal races, the crafts, and the entire world of Krynn. Reorx is the father and protector of the dwarves and the gnomes, each of whom consider themselves his favourite children. Craftsmen, fighters, illusionists, and tinkers of other races occasionally worship him as well. The domains he is associated with are Earth, Law, Strength, and War. His holy symbol and favoured weapon are both the warhammer.


Sargas, the minotaur god, is lawful evil. His titles include Lord of Vengeance. Sargas is a subtle deity, whose intentions are too convoluted for mortals to comprehend, and most of his clerics maintain an air of secrecy. Sargas is especially venerated by minotaur rulers, and considered the patron of their race. He is also worshiped by fighters, rogues, and wizards. The domains he is associated with are Destruction, Fire, Law, and Trickery. His unholy symbol is a red condor. The greataxe is his favoured weapon.

Sea Lord

The god of sea and sky, Sea Lord, is neutral good. His other names include Blindel the Dolphin Lord (Baltch), Han-Yagas (League), and Habbakuk (Ansalon). Sea Lord is considered the protector of the elven nation of Armach, and is worshiped by druids, rangers, and sailors. Sea Lord is usually portrayed as a shining blue phoenix or a giant blue dolphin. The domains he is associated with are Air, Sun, Travel, and Water. His holy symbol is a blue kingfisher. His favoured weapon is the scimitar.

The Spirits of Magic

There are three spirits of magic, one for each moon – Solais (the white moon) is lawful good; Lunais (the red moon) is neutral, and Angomais (the black moon) is lawful evil. The moons of magic are not considered to be true gods, but powerful spirits that can be communed with for arcane knowledge. Their ethical guidelines are followed by sorcerers and wizards. The domains associated with the spirits of magic are Chaos, Knowledge, and Magic. Their holy symbols are the moons. The favoured weapon of their worshipers is the dagger.

The Supreme Forces

The supreme forces are considered to be lawful good. These abstract forces are not normally worshipped, and no images of them exist. The supreme forces are beyond mortal understanding, although some monks and paladins are devoted to these eternal mysteries. The male force is sometimes associated with the Ansalonian god Paladine, whereas the female force is linked with the Ansalonian god Majere. The domains they are associated with are Good, Knowledge, Law, and Protection. The supreme forces have no holy symbol, and their worshipers never require one in spells. The favoured weapon of these worshipers is the unarmed strike.


The god of change and flame, Udras, is neutral. His title is “The Alchemist,” and he is known as Sirrion in Ansalon. Udras the Alchemist is usually depicted as a gnome or as a god of living flame. He is worshiped by the gnomes of Hitehkel and by illusionists and sorcerers. The domains he is associated with are Chaos, Fire, Knowledge, and Luck. His holy symbol is a multi-coloured flame. The dagger is his favoured weapon.


The goddess of the sea, Zeboim, is chaotic evil. Her titles include the Sea Mother, the Dragon Turtle, and the Midnight Storm. She is worshipped by ocean–going creatures such as the primitive Orughi sea ogres and by certain fearful sailors and coastal barbarians. The domains she is associated with are Animal, Chaos, and Water. Her unholy symbol is a dragon turtle with a woman’s head. The longspear is her favoured weapon.

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