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James O'Rance is the creator of the Taladas: Time of the Dragon Lords fan website, which serves as the foundation for this site.

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Child of the Sea

Children of the Sea look very similar to humans, but always have one or more inhuman features that betray their inhumanity, such as breath like a briny breeze, eyes like emerald green orbs, entirely webbed fingers and toes, or hair of an aquamarine hue.

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Ariakan’s Lorebook – Taladas


Lord Ariakan, founder of the Knights of Takhisis, did visit Taladas but briefly in the twilight of the Fourth Age. A contingent of Knights was stationed in the southern isles to prepare for Ariakan’s conquering army. They do not know that Ariakan will never return. This is the book of Lord Ariakan’s observations and plans …

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Time of the Dragon Lords

Time of the Dragon Lord

During the worst winter in living memory, Chaos swarmed out of the Great Burning Sea and tore at the heart of Taladas. Gods, warriors, and the stars themselves went to war against the Father of All and of Nothing, and drove Him from Krynn – some say at the cost of their lives. Now it …

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Heroes of Mystery


Within this netbook, you will find Saga rules for the unique races, roles, and creatures of Taladas, a setting within the DRAGONLANCE® Saga. Nearly twenty new hero races and over forty new roles depict the peoples and cultures of this setting. This brings the lands of Taladas to roleplaying campaigns using the DRAGONLANCE: Fifth Age …

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Dungeons & Dragons: Taladas


Dungeons & Dragons: Taladas provides everything that a DM needs to run a Dragonlance Taladas campaign using the third edition D&D game.

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Player’s Option: Skills & Powers – Taladas

Taladas Skills and Powers

Players of the AD&D 2nd Edition game should download this document to obtain Player’s Option rules for character creation, magic, and new equipment for Taladas.

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