Ariakan’s Lorebook – Taladas

Ariakan's LorebookLord Ariakan, founder of the Knights of Takhisis, did visit Taladas but briefly in the twilight of the Fourth Age. A contingent of Knights was stationed in the southern isles to prepare for Ariakan’s conquering army. They do not know that Ariakan will never return.

This is the book of Lord Ariakan’s observations and plans for the lands of Taladas, as recorded by Commander Laene Uth Habon. It serves as an introduction to Taladas in the later years of the Fourth Age.

Ariakan’s Lorebook: Taladas is an introduction to the lands of Taladas in the style of the D&D Gazeteer (by Wizards of the Coast), with personal notes by the Knights of Takhisis who visited Taladas before the events of Dragons of Summer Flame. Set in the later years of the Fourth Age, this book describes Taladas in a way that will be useful to players of both Classic and Fifth Age Dragonlance campaigns.


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    • zimriel on April 28, 2020 at 4:16 am
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    The Dragonlance comics don’t offer *much* new lore, and they’re also not the best-written.

    But issues 26-7 deal with the Glass Sea. They mention the Wind Caverns of Rathna Vulghan – or the “vaults of despair” as some call them. These caves are large enough for the sail-skimmers to skate in and out. Ancient elves, ancestors of the nomads, inscribed runes on the prismatic glass walls. Silver dragons use them for a hatchery.

    … which means, that’s likely how Sesk draconians, a feature of western Taladas, reproduce. Same way I’m certain that the Traag have access to brass hatcheries in the east.

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