Takhisis Incense Burner

I wanted to share a little craft project I did. I saw something similar on YouTube involving the same incense burner turned into Tiamat. Well, I wanted Takhisis and I also wanted her more fierce.

So, I found the incense burner at Walmart for around $10. Instead of just painting it, I bought air dry clay and made each head more representative of every dragon type as best I could. I also formed larger wings using some wire and tinfoil that I then covered in clay and then painted. Lastly I glued on toothpicks for more sinister fangs. Then I painted the whole thing and finished it all out with washes and highlights.

I’m happy with how it all turned out and someday I hope to use her in a Dragonlance campaign.

(Wizard mini I painted to be Raistlin next to it for size comparison)

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  1. How did you do that? Was that very hard to do? I may have to try something like that. Already did it with a model T-Rex making it into a Superman T-Rex (Inspired by Jurassic World Evolution)

    • It wasn’t too terribly hard to do. It was mostly just lots of trial and error and patience! (And having to get new clay when my white dried out. Ended up using a different color, but it didn’t matter since I painted it. I used Sculpey Model Air-dry Clay for the project)
      Good luck!

  2. I did this with a Spinosaurus that I got from Hobby Lobby making it into a Hordak Spinosaurus. Based on the character Hordak from the 1985 TV series She-Ra.

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