Takhisis Incense Burner

I wanted to share a little craft project I did. I saw something similar on YouTube involving the same incense burner turned into Tiamat. Well, I wanted Takhisis and I also wanted her more fierce.

So, I found the incense burner at Walmart for around $10. Instead of just painting it, I bought air dry clay and made each head more representative of every dragon type as best I could. I also formed larger wings using some wire and tinfoil that I then covered in clay and then painted. Lastly I glued on toothpicks for more sinister fangs. Then I painted the whole thing and finished it all out with washes and highlights.

I’m happy with how it all turned out and someday I hope to use her in a Dragonlance campaign.

(Wizard mini I painted to be Raistlin next to it for size comparison)

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  1. How did you do that? Was that very hard to do? I may have to try something like that. Already did it with a model T-Rex making it into a Superman T-Rex (Inspired by Jurassic World Evolution)

    • It wasn’t too terribly hard to do. It was mostly just lots of trial and error and patience! (And having to get new clay when my white dried out. Ended up using a different color, but it didn’t matter since I painted it. I used Sculpey Model Air-dry Clay for the project)
      Good luck!

  2. I did this with a Spinosaurus that I got from Hobby Lobby making it into a Hordak Spinosaurus. Based on the character Hordak from the 1985 TV series She-Ra.

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    Est Sularus oth Mithas. My honor is my life. The Knights of Solamnia said it first, but the Knights of Takhisis subscribe to the same silly code. Try to make him break it. I’m sure you’ll find his response quite amusing.

    — Dalamar Argent, Dragons of Summer Flame